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Where to Watch Sanditon | Masterpiece | Official Site

Find out where and how to watch the fan favorite period drama sanditon! Get all the details on how to view Seasons 1 and 2 online now, what the series is about, and ways to stay connected to sanditon as we look forward to Season 3.

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    What Sanditon is About

    The TV series is a bold continuation of Jane Austen’s final, unfinished novel. Season 1 follows newcomer Charlotte Heywood’s arrival in the seaside resort town, and her budding friendships and romantic possibilities for her. Charlotte’s epic journey continues in Season 2, which explores the classic predicament of a young, independent woman making her way in the world. sanditon will return for a Season 3 in 2023.

    “Sanditon is designed to be a balmy retreat where everything is easy on the eyes, and where abandoning your cares is the point,” he says Lounge.

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    Watch Seasons 1 & 2 Online

    SanditonSeason 2

    Whether you’re just starting your sanditon journey or revisiting favorite episodes, you can watch it all with PBS Passport, an added member benefit. New to PBS Passport? Get full details and sign up now.

    You can also stream sanditon Seasons 1 and 2 on the PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel (available to Amazon Prime members for an additional monthly cost) or purchase the season and/or individual episodes. sanditon may also be seen via Manzana, YouTube, Comcast, Verizon, Voodoo, and GooglePlay.The series is not available on Netflix.

    Want to own the sanditon DVDs or Blu-rays? Make sure to visit, where every purchase you make supports public broadcasting. You can buy sanditon Season 1 as well as sanditon Season 2.

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    Seasons 1 & 2 Episode Descriptions

    Actress Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood in a scene from Sanditon.

    If you are catching up on or revisiting sanditonhere are brief episode descriptions by season to help you keep your place.

    Season 1

    Episode 1 – A chance encounter brings Charlotte Heywood to the developing seaside resort of Sanditon.

    Episode 2 – Lady Denham plans an elaborate luncheon to welcome the wealthy West Indies heiress, Miss Lambe.

    Episode 3 – Charlotte does all she can to avoid Sidney, but an emergency unites them.

    Episode 4 – Charlotte and Sidney clash over Miss Lambe’s love life, and Charlotte strikes up a new friendship.

    Episode 5 – Tensions come to a head when Young Stringer, desperate for answers, threatens a worker boycott.

    Episode 6 – Charlotte and Sidney must reconcile to help a friend.

    Episode 7 – With the regatta approaching, the success of the resort hangs in the balance—as do several romances.

    Episode 8 – It is the night of the Midsummer Ball, and romance, jealousy and betrayal fill the air.

    Season 2

    Episode 1 – Charlotte returns to Sanditon in unexpected circumstances. Familiar faces and new arrivals are found around town.

    Episode 2 – Charlotte starts a new job, Alison longs for her knight in shining armor, and Georgiana receives bad news.

    Episode 3 – Charlotte and Alexander Colbourne reach an understanding, as she and Colonel Lennox enjoy a close encounter.

    Episode 4 – Tension mounts for Charlotte when Alexander Colbourne and Colonel Lennox reunite at Lady Denham’s garden party.

    Episode 5 – Lennox and Colbourne’s rivalry over Charlotte comes to a head, while Georgiana makes a decision that will impact her future.

    Episode 6 – Charlotte considers her future, while Georgiana learns some shocking truths. With so much at stake, will anyone have a happily ever after?

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    Stay Connected to Sanditon

    Actress Crystal Clarke as Georgiana Lambe and Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood in a scene from Sanditon.

    Once you’ve discovered (or rediscovered!) sanditonyou’ll delight in exploring related MASTERPIECE Studio podcast interviews, online special features and video shorts about the adaptation, cast insights, and more! Be the first to sample new videos and features for Season 3 when you subscribe to the MASTERPIECE newsletter.

    Follow MASTERPIECE on Instagram as well as Facebook for the latest news and updates on sanditon and other MASTERPIECE dramas and mysteries you won’t want to miss.

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    Looking for Other Period Dramas?

    Kate Phillips as Miss Scarlet, Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark, and Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in three period dramas from MASTERPIECE on PBS.

    We heartily recommend these MASTERPIECE shows available on PBS Passport:

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    All Creatures Great and Small | two seasons

    Get swept away into the enchanting, charming world of veterinarian James Herriot in England’s Yorkshire Dales, based off the beloved books.

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