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What are the different business opportunities offered in the United States?

The buoyant business sectors in the USA abound for this year 2020 and open up broad prospects for French, Swiss and Canadian companies alike. On, we discover the 101 business ideas with high potential to launch on the USA side.

The whole thing is to match demand and supply. In the United States, various business trends, from the simplest to the most expensive, have been on the rise since 2019:

  • set up as a trainer against hackers,
  • settle down with a Foiod Truck or soup truck,
  • open salad fast food outlets,
  • sell beauty products for men,
  • propose technologies for autonomy by developing the opportunities of the silver economy,
  • open Brushing bars,
  • sell razors online,
  • create neighborhood applications, gym classes, or sites, such as a health site.

Which US sectors are overheating as a result of COVID 19?

  • Banks
  • Cybersecurity
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • eMarketing: UserX, Video
  • Energy, Waste
  • finance
  • IT: Blockchain, Cloud, Scientific Computing
  • Home delivery
  • Pharma and Paramedical

In short, ideas abound. But before embarking on one of these opportunities, you must not forget work visas… And there are plenty of them in the United States, depending on what you want to do there. On this site, we discover the work visas for the USA in 2020. There are nearly 17 of them. The problems of obtaining a visa are numerous. Opportunities exist.

Business opportunities for French manufacturers, their outlets, and possible sales in the US.

The French take advantage of certain business opportunities offered, such as those in the digital: entertainment industry, online games or courses, videos, e-commerce… But other sectors are on the rise, benefiting from the crisis or being spared.

Thereby organic products riding the wave of exports, especially to the USA.
Customs retaliation measures affect French wine exports. However, there are little-known opportunities for exporters to exploit.
The sectors of theenergyof the cyber securityof the communicationof the pharmacy and parapharmacy are also emerging, particularly following the pandemic… We note that exports between France and the United States concerning pharmaceutical products, or agri-food and agricultural products are doing well. But if we had to talk about outlets, we would focus more on new technologies, such as internet specialtiesof the telecommunication.
Restaurants employ 10% of the total US workforce. The catering sector is seeing many establishments close.

As for business opportunities in Switzerland and their outlets in the US

Since Donald Trump took office, Swiss companies have seen their deliveries of goods to the country of Uncle Sam increase by 4.5%. Thus, the pharmaceutical groups Swiss have been able to take advantage of the non-abolition of Obamacare health insurance. In the field Swiss technology, particularly medical, the United States is also a key partner. More than 90% of medical devices manufactured in Switzerland are exported. But like all countries affected by COVID 19, the industries that can replace Chinese production should be able to move forward quickly and fit into this dynamic of opportunities.

In Canada, the United States remains by far the main economic partner.

But Canada’s weak exports have been a constant source of concern in recent years for Stephen Poloz, the man at the helm of Export Development Canada.

However, like everywhere in the world, the food sector with its specific diets is experiencing significant growth. Hence the idea in Canada, of networks of machines dispensing only products healthy in schools or companies, to avoid foods that are too salty or sweet.

Another area in which Canada shines, cyber security. The sector is booming and benefits from great economic potential, boosted by the Canadian government.

Belgian companies have opportunities in the USA

In Belgium, e-shops are increasingly popular: The Belgian e-commerce market is booming. Nevertheless, it remains far behind the United States where online commerce companies are reinventing themselves. We will only mention Amazon.

On the home delivery method, apart from that of catering or food, a sector has developed with the COVID pandemic: that of nurseries and garden centres… And this is new.

Another with Belgian know-how is emerging in terms of pharmaceutical innovation and distribution. Effective from drugs to patients, it is widely recognized across the world. The United States remains Belgium’s main trading partner in terms of drugs and vaccines, exports to this country reaching 20.5%. And as it is known that there is a growing demand for health care products and services for seniors in the USA, if you operate in the health sector, now is the time to put more emphasis on the American elderly.

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