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Tuesday Ratings | 10’s primetime cooking with MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA and THE CHEAP SEATS

Try as it might, even Nine’s Celeb Apprentice finale can’t break the Tuesday night pair in lock-step.

A Current Affair (678,000) starts the night strong for Nine, setting a solid base for the finale of Celebrity Apprentice Australia (527,000 avg (459,000 finale; 594,000 winner)) to do its best. Matt Wright’s Wild Territory (231,000) picks up a little, and then the later night is filled with Law & Order: Organized Crime (49,000) and Game of Silence (34,000).
Nine first in both primary (19.3%) and network (26.8%) rankings.

Home&Away (429,000) down slightly on last week for Seven as is Big Brother Australia (313,000). The Good Doctor (191,000) and The Rookie (153,000)
Autopsy USA (56,000) offer some US drama to the late evening.
Seven second in both primary (16.7%) and network (25.8%) rankings.

The Project (276,000 6:30pm; 392,000 7pm) also slips, though it’s Tuesday which means 10 is all about Master Chef Australia (583,000) and The Cheap Seats (429,000) which both deliver big audiences. This is opposed to the double repeat of NCIS (134,000; 107,000) which really doesn’t.
10 third in both primary (14.7%) and network (21.3%) rankings.

7:30 (450,000) starts the night as the ABC’s strongest as it farewells Space 22 (206,000). Southern Ocean Live (236,000) was spectacular and completely under-appreciated. the end of Our Brain (131,000) draws few, and so does a repeat of Four Corners (37,000).
ABC fourth in both primary (11.1%) and network (15.2%) rankings.

Season eleven premiere of Who Do You Think You Are? Australia (370,000) offers a good start to SBS, then into their public affairs run of Insight (197,000), Dateline (122,000), and the penultimate episode of The Feed (79,000).
SBS fifth in both primary (7.4%) and network (11%) rankings.


16-39: MasterChef Australia (109,000) came in ahead of The Cheap Seats, Seven News 6pm, and Nine News 6:30pm/6pm.

18-49: MasterChef Australia (213,000) beat out Celebrity Apprentice Australia – winner, The Cheap Seats, Seven News 6pm, and Nine News 6:30pm.

25-54: MasterChef Australia (253,000) takes a rare triple demo win, followed by Nine News 6pm/6:30pm, Celebrity Apprentice Australia – winner, and Seven News 6pm.


Bluey-AM (349,000) on ABC Kids/TV Plus again smashes the multi-channel win.


Service Time O’nights (cume/avg) note
abcnews 7pm-7:30pm 579,000
SBS World News 6:30pm-7:30pm 152,000 160,000 6:30pm
143,000 7pm
Seven News 6pm-7pm 932,000 969,000 6pm
895,000 6:30pm
Nine News 6pm-7pm 844,000 851,000 6pm
837,000 6:30pm
10 News First 5pm-6:30pm 321,000 5pm
229,000 6pm

SBS World News averaged ((6:30pm+7pm)/2) to obtain total program figure.
Seven News/Nine News figures averaged ((6pm+6:30pm)/2) to obtain total program figure.


Sunrise (217,000)
The Today Show (195,000)
ABCBreakfast (174,000 (114,000 ABC; 60,000 ABC News))


One change to the previous week’s primetime line-up after the Total TV figures were added: MasterChef Australia (10) lifted 20% to 907,000; Big Brother Australia (Seven) lifted 44% to 774,000; and Celebrity Apprentice Australia (Nine) lifted 24% to 708,000.

The BVOD best were Big Brother Australia (165,000) and Home and Away (140,000).

Here’s the five shows that lifted the most from their overnight figures:

Program network Total TV % lift
The Rookie Seven 389,000 82
The Good Doctor Seven 518,000 53
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom ABC 360,000 51
Big Brother Australia Seven 774,000 44
Matt Wright’s Wild Territory Nine 382,000 30

Primary Channels, Multi-Channels, Shares, Subscription TV, Key Demos, Brekky Battle: All figures Total People, Five City Metro (5CM); overnights only.

Daily Consolidated 7 Total TV: All figures Total People, Consolidated 7 day Five City Metro (5CM) + Regional (Reg) + BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand); % lift compared to overnight figures.

Top 20 Overnight Metro

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Daily Consolidated 7 Total TV Program Rankings

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