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Prime 12 Voice Actors Who Made Tremendous Totally different Characters, Golden Voices

French dubbers are identified to be wonderful dubbers, as a result of again dwelling, folks do not essentially prefer to learn subtitles whereas they watch a film and like to not be pissed off, we name that wit French. Anyway, we’re entitled to some high quality voices that marked our childhoods and adolescence, and it is all the time humorous to see that generally they made extraordinarily completely different initiatives, which we invite you to see by way of some examples.

Brigitte Lecordier: Son Goku in “Dragon Ball” and actor Jamie Brewer in “American Horror Story”

What may very well be extra distant than a cult anime from the 90s (through which she voiced baby Goku but additionally Son Gohan and an entire host of different characters) and the horror anthology collection (the place she voiced the actress who returned in a number of seasons enjoying numerous characters)? Not a lot, huge hole, which proves all of the expertise of this nice girl.

Richard Darbois: The genius in “Aladdin” and Harrison Ford in “Blade Runner”

You acknowledge his voice simply by attempting to recollect how the genie speaks in Aladdin, it is apparent. However the gentleman additionally voiced Harrison Ford (and a number of different actors) in a few of his movies, together with the darkish cyberpunk masterpiece that was blade runner. Two relatively completely different atmospheres, do not lie to one another, you should not be within the mistaken room on the cinema.

Éric Legrand: Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Z” and Owen Wilson in “Budapest Resort”

If you double Owen Wilson in a few of his best movies (together with these of Wes Anderson) you might be already relatively happy with your self, however once you even have the voice of Vegeta, one of the vital badass characters in Dragon Ball Z, so we will actually discuss it. Sacred Eric Legrand, thanks for the chills when Vegeta will get offended.

Céline Monsarrat: Julia Roberts in all her movies and Dory in “Discovering Nemo”

The filmography of Julia Roberts may be very diversified and there are nonetheless fairly severe roles like that of Erin Brockovich, so understanding that it’s also this voice actress who makes the fish dory within the collection of animated movies it’s relatively elegant. On the identical time we’re not going to lie to one another, as quickly as we hear her voice we all know it is her.

Christophe Lemoine: Éric Cartman in “South Park” and Sam in “Lord of the Rings”

Anyway, from the second you do the voice of Eric Cartman, another function might be completely different subsequent to it, we chosen the selection of Sam in the Lord of the Rings, as a result of it wasn’t actually the identical register. Stunning palette the Christophe.

Benoît Allemane: Zeus in “Hercules” and Morgan Freeman in virtually all of his movies

This gentleman has dubbed all the nice Morgan Freeman movies and is likely one of the classiest voices in France, however on prime of that, he has carried out numerous Disney and movies from our childhood! It was him behind the massive voice of Zeus in Hercules for instance (and there you will have no less than one movie rating in your head). Between the jail ambiance of The escapees and Disney there may be nonetheless a distinction.

Patrick Poivey: Bruce Willis in all his movies and the Fox in “Narnia”

This man might actually double every part, as a result of from the second you do the voice of a fox (and never simply any fox, it is restricted to Professor Snape from the saga narnia) and that of Bruce Willis in all his movies, we’re able to something. Nicely carried out sir, a bit minute of internal silence to pay homage to him.

Jacques Frantz: Robert De Niro in virtually all his movies and Sulli in “Monstre et compagnie”

Sorry however you take De Niro’s voice in The Godfather, Nerves on edge, As soon as upon a time in America The place Taxi Driver and you set it in opposition to that of Sulli in Monsters and firm There may be nonetheless a reasonably apparent gender distinction. A sacred profession for this gentleman who additionally left us and whose voice nonetheless resonates in tons of of movies.

Roger Carel: the voice of Asterix in all of the cartoons but additionally that of C3-PO in “Star Wars”

When you have ever seen an animated movie Asterix then you already know his voice, however anyway you’ve got in all probability heard it in Star Wars since EVERYBODY has seen Star Wars, it stays among the best dubbing actors of our childhood. Nicely, it isn’t unhealthy however we do not speak sufficient concerning the one which doubles R2D2 for my style.

Maïk Darah: Pam Grier in “Jackie Brown” and Bambi’s mom in “Bambi”

Already she’s Whoopi Goldberg’s dubber, so clearly this girl has numerous movies to her credit score, however she’s additionally that of Pam Grier, lead actress of the movie too below Tarantino’s facet Jackie Brown. Fairly grown-up stuff you are going to inform me, however she nonetheless made the mom of Childinnocence itself.

Emmanuel Curtil: Jim Carrey in all his movies and Olaf in “The Snow Queen”

Good already Jim Carrey should have power to carry it in dubbing, as a result of as a lot to let you know that the actor doesn’t fake when he performs the eccentric man. However Emmanuel Curtil is able to many different issues, like dubbing Olaf in Disney songs or in video video games, you already know he is the considerably silly snowman in Snow Queen.

Philippe Peythieu: Joe Pesci in “The Irishman” and Homer in “The Simpsons”

Philippe Peythieu has not dubbed all the filmography of Joe Pesci however he has lent no less than three of his movies, together with the superb and no much less very lengthy The Irishman. However it’s above all of the voice of Homer Simpson, among the best examples of dubbing in all of human historical past, simply that.

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