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These are all the candidates standing in the Wakefield by election 2022

We asked them to provide a few paragraphs explaining why they should get your vote on the Thursday, June 23 by election. Some did not reply and others just sent flyers or pamphlets.

These are the ones that responded:

Liberal Democrat candidate Jamie Needle said: “One thing is clear: the Conservatives have badly let people down in this area and I’m standing for a fair deal.

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Wakefield voters are choosing a new MP.

“The Conservatives have hiked taxes, failed to tackle soaring energy bills and have been wrapped up in sleaze, meanwhile Labor locally just don’t listen to residents’ concerns.

“Liberal Democrats are campaigning to tackle the cost of living crisis, we want to see a VAT cut for families, a windfall tax on oil and gas companies and the National Insurance Tax hike scrapped.”

Britain First candidate Ashlea Simon said: “It’s time to face facts.

“The Old-Gang politicians do not care about the British people!

The last time we chose an MP was in 2019.

“They are all too busy lining their pockets at Westminster. Look how much they claim in parliamentary expenses, and the taxpayer picks up the bill.

“Ordinary British families are struggling to cope with the rise in the cost of living and energy bills.

“It’s time to send them a message they cannot ignore! By voting Britain First in the Wakefield by-election, you can get them to listen to your concerns about the state of our beloved country

Labor’s Simon Lightwood has a plan to give Wakefield a fresh start. Simon will deliver investment and well-paid jobs to Wakefield, restore bus routes and cap fares, protect vital health services, bring in more police to tackle anti-social behavior and fight to scrap the unfair Conservative National Insurance rise. Simon said: “After the law-breaking, lies and failed promises,

the Conservatives have let Wakefield down.

“This brilliant place has had no representation in parliament for over a year, leaving the people of Wakefield without a voice.

“My plan for Wakefield has been shaped by the priorities of the people who live here, and if elected as your MP I will fight for Wakefield every day.

“Wakefield has the power to send Boris Johnson packing. Enough is enough; Wakefield deserves better.”

The Monster Raving Loony Party sent this on behalf of candidate Sir Archibald Stanton: “Vote Loony.

“Right Wing/Left Wing/Centre Forward vote loony.”

The Green Party’s Ashley Routh said: “As a young, passionate, and experienced activist, I am well placed to hold candidates from the “big two” parties to account and make the case for

Wakefield electorate to use their vote to protest against a political system that takes them for granted.

“The people of Wakefield should be rightly furious about how they’ve been taken for granted. I can tap into that rage. I think we can do phenomenally well for Wakefield; electing a young person, electing somebody who wants to deliver a better future .”

Conservative Nadeem Ahmed said: “As someone born and bred in Wakefield, I fully understand what it is like to live and work in Wakefield and what needs to be done to ensure the people’s priorities are delivered.

“And I also know people here want an MP to get on with the job and deliver the things people need.

“It is what I would do as an MP – working closely with the Conservative Government to make sure we get the right things done.

“As we continue to bounce back from the pandemic, invest in skills training and recruit more police officers across West Yorkshire, I will show people here I am the best candidate to be MP for Wakefield and continue to build on the good things happening across the city.

“Wakefield needs a Conservative MP to help improve lives for everybody.”

A hustings event to be held in Wakefield Cathedral has been cancelled. The cathedral said owing to circumstances beyond the cathedral’s control the hustings have been cancelled.

These are the candidates:

Conservative: Nadeem Ahmed

Christian People’s Alliance CPPA: Paul Bickerdike

Freedom Alliance: Mick Dodgson

Monster Raving Loony Party: Sir Archibald Stanton Earl ‘Eaton

Independent: Jayda Fransen

Yorkshire Party: David Herdson

English Democrats: Therese Hirst

Northern Independence: Christopher Jones

Liberal Democrats: Jamie Needle

Green Party: Ashley Routh

Britain First: Ashlea Simon

The election takes place on Thursday, June 23 and the results are expected to be announced early the next day.

Follow all the results on our website.

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