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take away fats from the cheeks, harmful?

BICHECTOMY. The “fats buccal removing” is a beauty surgical procedure operation whose goal is to take away fats from the cheeks to have extra outstanding cheekbones. Pattern on social networks and amongst some celebrities like Bella Hadid, it may be disastrous and tough to reverse on some faces.

the “fats buccal removing” is a information beauty surgical procedure development which consists of getting the fats faraway from the cheeks to acquire a “hole” impact. This operation obtainable in France, referred to as bichectomy or removing of Bichat ballsgoals to redraw the traces of the face, making the cheekbones and the angles of the jaw extra outstanding. On TikTok, the #buccalfatremoval development has 6.3 million views making it theone of the in style magnificence traits of 2023. Bella Hadid, the mannequin Chrissy Teige or the actress Lea Michele are among the many celebrities who’ve had recourse to “fats buccal removing”. However beware ! “Younger folks wish to get forward of the organic clock and 10 years later it makes them look older and look unhealthy.” warns Dr. Skander Hendaoui, beauty surgeon we contacted. “It’s important to be very demanding by way of indication and to make sure that the specified impact is that which the operation will produce. On some faces the impact could be disastrous and tough to reverse. The surgeon’s job is to choose eligible sufferers” insists the specialist.

What’s bichectomy?

Bichectomy consists of take away Bichat balls, fats pads naturally situated deep within the cheek between the cheekbone and the jaw bone. “They’re about the scale of a nut though their measurement varies between people says Dr. Hendaoui. Some folks have extra “chubbier” cheeks than others. Their quantity is fixed all through life. “The superficial surrounding fats tends to lower with age and provides a extra sunken look to the cheeks.s” underlines the skilled.

Buccal fats removing operation diagram © corbacserdar-123RF

What’s the goal of bichectomy?

Bichectomy provides a hole side to the cheeks and redraws the mandibular traces to make the cheekbones extra outstanding. “Moreover, bichectomy reduces the chubby impact of the face“says Dr. Hendaoui.

“Psychological state should be assessed”

“I like to recommend an operation underneath common anesthesia as a result of it may be painful underneath native anesthesia. Grease could be tough to “fetch”. I follow an incision contained in the mouth on the degree of the cheeks or the gums and I push the ball out little by little. You must watch out to not be traumatic within the course of, be meticulous within the gestures” develops the skilled. The operation lasts about thirty minutes. It’s essential to be off for every weekswelling will probably be seen for two to three weeks. The ultimate result’s noticed after 3 months.

What are the contraindications to bichectomy?

Like all operations, the well being of the affected person should be checked earlier than performing this surgical procedure and specifically the dangers related to common anesthesia. “Psychological standing ought to be assessed : I examine that my sufferers’ expectations are in keeping with the outcomes that the operation will give” underlines the surgeon. Obese folks should first drop pounds earlier than they’ll carry out the operation. “Individuals with skinny faces have a contraindication to carry out this operation. And that is what precipitated the controversy over the operation” argues Dr. Hendaoui. Bichectomy is fascinating for folks with spherical and chubby faces however will trigger an getting older and bad-looking impact in the long run to an individual with an already skinny face. “On a skinny individual, we will suggest the choice which consists in giving an impression of hollowed cheeks by finishing up an injection on the degree of the cheekbones and the mandibular line” informs our interlocutor.

Is bichectomy reversible?

Bichectomy is tough to reverse as a result of the fats eliminated is situated in depth.Fats injections are often situated on the floor so it won’t be potential to breed the character earlier than the operation“notes the surgeon.

What are the risks of bichectomy?

The basic problems of the operation are bleeding and bruising typically with superinfection. “The facial nerve answerable for the mobility of the face, the “mimics”, could be affected if the operation is carried out aggressively which can trigger a numbness or paralysis of the face. A canal lesion which pushes saliva out of the parotid (salivary gland) into the mouth with swelling is feasible though very uncommon” emphasizes Dr. Hendaoui. As well as, a small facial asymmetry could be observed if extra fats is faraway from one facet than the opposite. Eradicating buccal fats could cause an getting older impact of facial look if carried out on a thin-faced affected person. An article printed within the Nationwide Library of Medication in August 2021, of which Dr. Ira Savetsky is likely one of the co-authors, already talked about the truth that this surgical procedure has “the potential of inflicting untimely getting older and long-term midface distortion“.

What’s the price of the operation?

In France, bichectomy prices between 3000 to 3500 euro. It isn’t coated by medical health insurance.

Because of Dr. Skander Hendaoui, plastic surgeon.

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