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our selection of films and series in audio description from July 16 to 22

Like every week, Télé-Loisirs offers you its program guide in audio description. This system consists of a voice-over which describes the events taking place on the screen and allowing the blind or visually impaired viewer to understand what is happening beyond the dialogues. Depending on your box or the platform you use, you must then activate the audio description. As with hard of hearing subtitles, the operation can be tedious. Here are our recommendations for July 16-22.

The best audio description programs for Saturday July 16

At the origins of civilizations – The birth of cities and The First Wars. (documentary, Arte, 8:50 p.m.): It was in the Middle East, when hunter-gatherers regrouped and then settled down, that civilization took off. The first villages and cities in the world were born. Urban life is an incredible accelerator of progress. This documentary series in 4 episodes follows on from “When Homo sapiens populated the planet”. This first part devoted to the birth of cities helps us to decipher the need for rootedness of man and the technical developments that resulted from it, in particular during the cultivation of wheat. A fascinating throwback.

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Mongeville – “Tricks of the trade” (series, France 3, 9:10 p.m.): Mongeville and Valentine investigate the murder of Daniel Navarre. This Lyon entrepreneur was strangled with a silk scarf produced in his famous workshop. The retired judge and the captain question the staff representative, the quality controller and the brother and sister of the victim. Despite some lengths, the script is well put together and the interpretation of good quality with the friendly duo formed by Francis Perrin and Gaëlle Bona. Shot in Lyon and its region, this episode also highlights a silk factory with its impressive looms.

The best audio description programs for Sunday July 17

A great team (film, France 2, 9:10 p.m., unpublished in clear): After one fight too many, the football team of Clourrières, a small town in the North of France, is suspended until the end of the season. In order to save the club, Marco, the coach, guided by his daughter Léa, decides to set up a women’s team. Kad Merad is perfect in this comedy full of humanity and humor, with an excellent cast.

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Play (film, France 3, 10:45 p.m., unpublished in the clear): For his 13th birthday, Max receives a video camera. He therefore decides to film his daily life and that of Mathias and Arnaud, his best friends. The three teenagers also spend a lot of time with Emma, ​​a neighbor. Max falls deeply in love with her. After in particular “The kids” and “Robin Hood, the real story”, director Anthony Marciano finds actor Max Boublil for a fake diary on video and a real generational comedy. Stuffed with references that will seduce those who knew the 1980s and 1990s, “Play” suffers from a few clumsiness, but turns out to be full of energy and above all very endearing.

The 100 places you must see – Isère, from Vienne to pastoral lands (documentary, France 5, 9:45 p.m.): This section offers an exploration of the wealth of the Isère department, the Écrins massif, made up of seven large valleys, south of Dauphiné. After visiting a medieval town in Grésivaudan, head for the two vertiginous footbridges suspended above the lake of Monteynard-Avignonet. A beautiful getaway, well commented by passionate guides and illustrated with magnificent images.

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The best audio description programs for Monday, July 18

A people and their king (film, France 3, 9:10 p.m., unpublished in clear): In July 1789, a glass blower witnessed the demolition of one of the towers of the Bastille. In October of the same year, revolutionary women went to Versailles to demand that the king leave the place to go to Paris. He quickly resigns himself to it. Taking the opposite view of productions of the genre, a historical film with a constantly audacious tone and a brilliant cast.

last love (film, France 3, 11:05 p.m., unpublished in clear): In the 18th century, Casanova, a middle-aged libertine, had to leave France for London. There, he meets Marianne de Charpillon, a young courtesan. Falling under her spell, he wants at all costs to seduce the young woman who refuses his advances. Vincent Lindon seizes with ardor this role of distraught seducer in this subtle reflection on unfulfilled desire.

The snow panther (film, Canal+ Cinéma, 8:55 p.m.): In the mountains of Tibet, posted at a good distance, the writer Sylvain Tesson and the photographer Vincent Munier observe the behavior, often amazing, of local animals with a telephoto lens. They are more particularly in search of one of them, the elusive snow leopard. Awarded a César, a documentary film with superb images and captivating narration.

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The best audio description programs for Tuesday, July 19

Tandem – “Aphrodite’s Tears” (Series, France 3, 9:10 p.m.): Henri Monin was murdered on the terrace of his restaurant “Le Ponton”, on the edge of the Thau pond. This jack-of-all-trades genius was the inventor of the anti-theft oyster and a successful restorer. Léa finds a case and a pearl obviously not intended for his wife. The Etang de Thau and its famous oyster beds serve as a beautiful setting for this investigation into a scam. It is well done and keeps going. The scenes between Léa, who is renovating her apartment and has returned to sport intensely, and Paul, her ex who is in a long-distance relationship, are quite comical.

The Olympiads (film, Canal+, 9:10 p.m., unpublished): In Paris, in the 13th arrondissement, Emilie Wong falls in love with her roommate, Camille Germain. He falls in love with a new colleague, Nora Ligier, who, herself, maintains an assiduous conversation with Amber Sweet, an online sex worker. Jacques Audiard completely changes register with this contemporary love chronicle co-written with Léa Mysius and Céline Sciamma. If the scenario, precisely, fishes by approximation, the accuracy of all the actors and the elegant realization of Jacques Audiard quickly win the adhesion.

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The best audio description programs for Wednesday July 20

Leave (film, Arte, 8:55 p.m.): Suzanne, in her forties, decides to resume her work as a physiotherapist. During the work in her future office, she meets Ivan, the worker in charge of the site. Their mutual attraction is as immediate as it is irresistible. A beautiful, intense and painful love story, built like a thriller, served by a perfect cast.

Astrid and Raphaëlle – “Fulcanelli” (series, France 2, 9:10 p.m.): After the collapse of an underground gallery, the body of a young man is discovered. Despite appearances, the scientific analysis is formal: the corpse is that of a man who should have been over 80 years old today. The victim was stabbed before the collapse. A thrilling investigation whose workings and staging skilfully stir up the shadow of mystery, interpreted by actresses as endearing as they are excellent. Touching sequences weave an unbreakable bond between these two fascinating characters. This fifth episode is very entertaining.

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Nina – “Supermen” (series, France 2, 11:10 p.m.): Nina is still very worried about Hugo’s health, still not out of the woods. At the same time, she witnesses the fall of a man who tries to climb the windows of the hospital. The injured, who is none other than Charles, the extreme climber, is the victim of a strange disease. A thrilling and gripping episode, well acted, which features ambiguous characters and intriguing situations. Some sequences turn out to be very touching, the doubts of the patients as well as their secrets about their personal life. Proust drops his shell a little and reveals a little sensitivity.

The best audio description programs for Thursday, July 21

Meetings – “The meaning of the party” (series, France 3, 9:10 p.m.): Following a State inspection, the hotel must undergo work to bring it up to standard, failing which, the establishment will have to close. To hold on financially, the payment of wages must be sacrificed for two months. New relevant angles, brought with finesse and humor, are discussed in this very touching episode with feminist accents. The characters reveal new facets and some, like the young Maxime and the unpredictable Victoire, are all the more endearing. Funny sequences are on the program.

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Perfect Crimes – “No Smoke Without Fire” (series, France 3, 11:40 p.m.): Commander Delaunay and Lieutenant Mizon are called to the scene of a tragedy. A man lies bloodied behind the wheel of his vehicle on the side of a quiet road. In the truck, Renaud and Laura discover a valuable African statuette. The tandem combining freshness and experience, with the emeritus Elisa Ruschke and the no less talented Antoine Duléry strengthens their bonds and their complicity in this rhythmic and well-crafted episode which honors one of the most unexpected culprits in the person of Annelise Hesme, impeccable as always.

RealHumans (series, season 1, episodes 1 to 4, Arte, 11:20 p.m., unpublished in clear): In Sweden, in the near future, humans live surrounded by androids, the hubots, who serve as their servants. Hans Engman is about to buy a new one from his father-in-law to replace an obsolete model. An exciting and promising set-up with a demanding scenario and whose troubled climate seduces. .

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The best audio description programs for Friday July 22

spoilsport (film, Arte, 8:55 p.m.): Brilliant pianist, Hannes Westhoff is about to celebrate his 70th birthday. His wife, Anne, invited the whole family to the event, including Renate, his first wife, and the three children born of this union. Quickly, the dinner turns sour. The theme of the family dinner which turns into the settling of accounts is certainly not new, but it is approached here with great finesse and, above all, carried by excellent performers. Among them is notably Günther Maria Halmer, impeccable in the role of the detestable patriarch without mercy with his children.

Criminal Tropics – “The Diamond” (series, France 2, 9:10 p.m.): The body of Annabelle Delisse, manager of a luxury hotel, is found by walkers on the edge of the forest, not far from her home. The 40-year-old was stabbed to death. Salomé, the victim’s little girl, is nowhere to be found. An intriguing investigation, against a background of technological manipulation, which often sends shivers down your spine. It is performed brilliantly. The characters – always endearing – reveal other aspects of their personality, while this seventh episode reserves lighter moments… sometimes comical.

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Télé-Loisirs is committed

Immersed daily in the news of television, series, cinema and leisure in general, the editorial staff of Tele-Leisure has decided to engage on the issues ofaccessibility of entertainment to all. Hence the idea of ​​this weekly selection of programs accessible to the visually impaired. Tele-Leisure also makes available to its Internet users with disabilities, a technical solution to adapt the display of the site to it, whether temporary or permanent. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just create a profile by following this link.

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