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“Our couple is a real inspiration”

INTERVIEW – The third season of the series centered on adoption by Andy Wolton has been broadcast since July 22 on the streaming platform. The opportunity for the duo of British actors to share the new challenges imposed by their role over the course of the intrigues.

Overflowing complicity, humor and caustic “so British” accents… There’s no doubt that the duo of Esther Smith and Rafe Spall has it all. This alchemy, the two actors put it at the service of trying, fiction by Andy Wolton for Apple TV + since 2020. In this third season, the interpreters of Nikki and Jason form an inspiring couple with their love and ability to overcome all obstacles together. This time, the dynamic of the pair changes since Princess (Eden Togwell) and Tyler (Mickey McAnulty) complete the picture. Recently adopted by the couple, these children will come to upset the daily life of the latter. New intrigues between comic and sensitive which prove to be real challenges for the fictional duo but also for their actors. Without mentioning the term “drama”, fusion of comedy and drama, which bristles the hairs of Rafe Spall, Esther Smith and him confide in this new season rich in emotions and discoveries.

LE FIGARO. – In what state of mind are you for this third season of trying ?
Rafe SPALL. – Very excited! We have been working on this for three years now. trying and we always like to participate. For my part, this is the first series where I play in three consecutive seasons so it’s great to finally be in a successful program (laughs)! In addition, my favorite pastime is to play and stroll with Esther, so I am a “happy gentleman” (a happy man, editor’s note).
Esther SMITH. – There’s no better feeling than being able to continue playing these characters and see them evolve…

How would you describe your relationship in this season 3?
ES- This season is particularly interesting because it tests our relationship on all levels. Nikki and Jason are such a strong couple. In these episodes, there are two children involved and this factor develops other aspects of their duo but also other obstacles. They learn about parenthood and the impact it can have on their relationship. The stakes are so much higher when we’re not just watching out for each other. I loved all these situations most of which are comical and my favorite to play is when they argue! (laughs).
RS- Whether in adversity or together in the face of adversity, Nikki and Jason are a true inspiration. This couple is ready to face anything, I find that wonderful. Everyone hopes to meet this person who in all situations will be there to support us.

How was filming with two young children?
ES- Inevitably, the mood on the film set was turned upside down. We had to be much more vigilant, especially on logistics such as the time the children were present. I don’t have children so it was very special for me to spend so much time with them and to adapt. It’s quite tiring (laughs). But the interpreters of Princess and Tyler are adorable, we are so lucky to have them with us.

Mickey McAnulty and Eden Togwell in trying AppleTV+

Did they ask you for advice?
RS- In fact, not at all! They are children so they don’t have this notion of work. Their attitude takes us back to the beginnings of the acting profession. Everything should remain fun and light. After all, we have very little control over the end result and its quality. Even though we do our best to make the series better, the role of post-production is colossal. There is a kind of global alchemy that will ensure that trying either good or not. Children open our eyes to the privilege of doing this job: we are paid to do what we loved as children, to play. They have it inherently.
ES- Even though it was their first time on set, everything seemed natural about them. What they had to do, how they had to behave… It was very enriching and entertaining to be with them. I would even say invigorating. Finally being an actor is very childish.

“Everyone thinks their family is weirder than the rest. »

Rafe Spall

Did you research adoption before joining the show?
ES- Yes, I didn’t know anything about adoption procedures before I joined the cast of trying. So I wanted to do some personal research and read a book about it. I happen to flip through it frequently. I think the series has really shed light on this subject. That’s what makes it so important. To carry these values, I had to better understand the issues. Afterwards, the screenplay written by Andy is very complete. We never stop learning from him.
RS- For my part, I did not do much research because Andy himself was adopted. I knew the script would be sufficiently covered and informed. The adoption arc is a very important part of the show but my acting focuses more on the Nikki and Jason couple, so I made it a point to make it as believable as possible. .

What image of the family delivers the series?
RS- All families are extraordinarily different and everyone thinks theirs is weirder than the others. The term family can mean so many things. According to the people, the meaning is not the same but we all need it. This is not just a conventional image of a couple with children. In trying, I would say that we carry a message of beauty, mess, difficulty and “trying” (editing).
ES- Viewers may interpret the series differently. Life is difficult, bizarre and absurd. We are all going through something. It’s not just about adoption, but each story can echo those of other families. In trying, we are there for each other. Between love and difficult phase. This is what we want to advocate: sharing every moment with loved ones.


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