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Millie Mackintosh in Bathing Suit Says “Let the Fun Begin” — Celebwell

Millie Mackintosh is ready to have a blast at her friend’s bachelorette party – in her bathing suit! the Made in Chelsea star shows off her amazing figure in her latest Instagram post. “Let the fun begin!” she captioned the snap of herself and her de ella pal de ella. How does the actress keep herself fit? Read on to see 10 of Millie Mackintosh’s top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

Millie starts her day with a supplement. After checking on her daughter de ella, “the first thing I do is have my probiotic,” she told Women’s Health in a recent interview. ‘I go to the fridge and have a shot of Symprove, which is a liquid tryioticand that’s pretty much how I start my day every day.”

Millie suggests that the early workout bird gets the worm. “I like to exercise in the morning, that’s when I’ve got most of my energy,'” she told Women’s Health. “I like to get it done – if I say I’m going to exercise later in the afternoon or in the evening, I’ll never do it.”

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Millie doesn’t skip breakfast. “I have kind of two breakfasts, but during the week, I would normally have something like an egg white omelette with spinach and feta, with some porridge and fresh berries on the side,” she told Women’s Health. “On the weekend, my breakfast would probably be something like pancakes with caramelized banana, bacon and maple syrup. Or maybe some nice pastries.”

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Millie tries to minimize sugar intake. “I usually have a black coffee with a little bit of oat milk and a little bit of stevia,” she told Women’s Health about her morning pick-me-up. “Actually, at the start of this year I did a big sugar detox and it’s made such a difference. I really cut back on sugar where I can and use a little bit of sweetener instead. I like to use a natural sweetener like stevia. It still gives that sweet taste – I find it quite hard to have coffee without anything in it.”

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Millie likes to meal prep in order to set herself up for dietary success. “Most of the time I take lunch with me in a Tupperware, usually leftovers from what I had for dinner the night before. I love batch cooking; I like knowing what I’ve put in my food. Or I’ll go for a little wander and just grab something, but most of the time I take it in with me to save time. I like knowing exactly the ingredients I’ve put in,” she told cosmopolitan.

“I don’t think you should deprive yourself of anything – if you wait every week for one ‘cheat’ meal it’s really tough, so I think it’s better to have a little bit of what you fancy, when you fancy, and not beat yourself up about it,” Millie told Cosmopolitan. “If you’re just waiting for one ‘cheat day’ when you should have everything in moderation, it can be a sad existence. On the weekends, I’m not gonna be like, ‘I definitely have to have eggs for breakfast’ I’ll have pancakes if I fancy it, or a fry up, whatever I feel like.”

“Monday to Friday, I think of the way I eat as more health-conscious and eat foods that are more nutritious and give me lots of energy. I wouldn’t have a pizza for lunch on a Monday,” Millie revealed to Cosmopolitan about one of her eating strategies. “But at the weekends I have whatever I feel like. I wouldn’t say I have lots of junk food, but if I want to have a burger or a roast or pasta, then I will.”

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“I cook quite a lot of simple things; usually chicken breast, cooked veggies and some kind of sauce and some rice or sweet potato. Or in winter, I love using my slow cooker and making stews that are really easy to take into the office and shove in the microwave [for lunch]. “I’ve learned that I need protein, carbs and veg with every meal. I try to only have red meat once or twice a week, but I love fish, and I have chicken or turkey,” she told Cosmopolitan.

Millie sets weekly exercise goals, but depending on her work schedule, she might work out more of less. “It really varies how much I work out. Last week I worked out twice, this week to pick up the slack I’m going to try and fit five in, so it just depends on where I have to be everyday or how much I ‘ve got on,” she told Cosmopolitan. “If I feel run down, I’m not gonna push myself. I’d like to go 3-4 times a week. Classes are normally about 45 minutes to an hour, but if it’s an hour it would involve some stretching.”

Millie likes to mix up her workouts. “The workout depends on the day, but I go to lots of classes at the moment. Whether that’s circuits, spin, yoga, reformer pilates. It kind of depends on what I feel like my body or my mind needs. I like to mix it up so it’s not always the same thing. I don’t have a schedule as such, I just see what I feel like. It’s not always about doing something super intense, even sometimes just going for a walk. It doesn’t have to be high intensity to be beneficial,” she told Cosmopolitan.

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