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Let it go darling, I am going to go away your barbecue to you

When feminists need males’s pores and skin!

And girls on the identical time! This pseudo gender equality finally ends up being a societal downside. That ladies have the identical rights as males and the identical salaries, we agree. However indefinitely wanting to scale back the variations to deplorable penalties on our habits and the happiness of one another?

Actually, girls have been dominated by males since… the world exists! Ought to we due to this fact “avenge our race” as claimed by our Nobel Prize for Literature Annie Ernaux? Actually, we should restore the state of affairs, however allow us to deal at the beginning with the final slaves of humanity who’re hidden from our eyes by veiling them in international locations at struggle of ideology and faith. Iran, Pakistan…

In the direction of indifferentiation

However cease this feminism which is extra of an anti-masculine ideology. And let’s cease considering that each one girls are crushed, as a result of it hurts those that actually are.

To reread, from the identical creator: I like males…

To supposedly treatment as soon as and for all what is named “sexist and sexual violence”, it might now be vital to think about ladies and men indiscriminately in all circumstances, not to distinguish between them. The style for leveling is just not solely skilled, it’s societal. Nonetheless, males have a bodily power that ladies won’t ever have, they do not like the identical issues, they do not have the identical instincts, they do not have the identical type of friendship or typically even love, and so they don’t need, with all due respect, to essentially do the identical jobs, and so forth. And that is good ! We all know all that, however we now have to say it once more, so long as it’s denied by our extremely feminists with massive hearts… hateful! Let it go darling, I am going to go away your barbecue to you.

Sandrine Rousseau in Poitiers, August 20, 2021 © NOSSANT/HARSIN ISABELLE/SIPA

I do not essentially agree that ladies completely must play soccer. What if they like tutus? The lads are requested to take up stitching, to offer beginning concurrently their wives: if some could be happy that the fathers undertake the African couvade, not an excessive amount of is required both. Let girls have the triumph of motherhood. Fathers shouldn’t be moms just like the others, and particularly with all the identical attributions.


Trend follows and our garments have a tendency in direction of homogeneity within the cool model, denims and one-size-fits-all sweatshirts, which make the our bodies of younger ladies shapeless. The purpose: to all look alike. ” All of the girls and boys …” Will we nonetheless have the best to jot down this music? “They” have grow to be a unisex class, our djeun’s. Let’s discuss unisex once more, as a result of denying a sure femininity has contributed to ousting class and refinement from our streets, coquetry has disappeared from the vocabulary, and being filthy now appears extra stylish. Even high fashion not is aware of which code to dedicate itself to…

The cellzeceux that has invaded the speeches (an actual oratorical failure!) doesn’t mirror the truth of what’s occurring, as a result of actually we’re wished to be an increasing number of an identical or interchangeable. All of that is fairly unhealthy, the underlying being that man is by definition responsible and that he have to be punished and devirilized, that he should not be dominant (me, I prefer it) and above all this n This isn’t the best way to forestall girls from being abused, veiled, or raped. Concurrently, sexuality itself has grow to be… unisex! Allow us to critically sort out this horrible invasion of porn, particularly that which is accessible to younger individuals and which is a violence in opposition to the sexuality of a really younger woman, eliminating all romanticism linked to intercourse, respect for ladies, and tidying up modesty within the radius of the old style, destroying the psychological and ethical taboos that had been good regardless of what individuals say, stopping the discharge of essentially the most violent instincts.

Gender confusion

Gender confusion! Males ought to feminize themselves, they need to combat in opposition to their deep nature which might be to bully and crush girls. Erase all of the so-called masculine traits in each day life, ah good?

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I prefer it when males carry my suitcase, they’re stronger anyway! However I’ve to tug it on the wheels, it is extra egalitarian. I am not in a position to change the channel, to zap correctly, I do not need to take out the trash however I do not need my man to iron my shirt both, I do not discover that horny! And I do not thoughts ironing his shirt. I haven’t got an unbelievable sense of course and I am so conditioned that I believe he is higher for it, and that is tremendous with me… it is good to be somewhat conditioned, that he opens the door for me. door, that he steps apart in entrance of me, that he will get up after I arrive on the restaurant desk. Essentially the most horrible factor is that I am certain there are some who do not even see what I am speaking about. “I’m a girl, and what’s your superpower? »!

Depart us gents, romantics, Sunday handymen, suitors, just a few soft-hearted machos, emotional roughnecks, sicisbees… Not bullies! I make my case worse: Depart us our “actual” males. There, I danger police custody on the theme: who’re the “fakes”?

A girl is a helpless being… However till her nail polish is dry!

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