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Les Oiseaux sur Arte: Hitchcock gave Tippi Hedren a nightmare on the set – Actus Ciné

Go behind the scenes of the collaboration between actress Tippi Hedren and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock on the set of the horror traditional “The Birds”.

On Friday, October 13, 1961, Tippi Hedren was known as by the Common studio who provided her to move a secret audition. The actress who just lately arrived in Hollywood discovers on the spot that it’s Alfred Hitchcock, who desires him to work along with her on an undisclosed undertaking. Hedren has no movie expertise, and imagines it to be an episode of the favored Alfred Hitchcock Presents collection.

On web site, the filmmaker’s favourite collaborators had been introduced collectively (Robert Boyle for the set, Edith Head for the costumes) in order that Hedren auditioned for 3 days, taking part in excerpts from Rebecca, Les Enchainés and La Principal au collet whereas giving the reply to Martin Balsam (who had simply executed Psycho). An costly system that the director, king of the field workplace might simply impose on the studio.

Following an commercial broadcast on tv, Tippi Hedren caught the attention of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. This advert touts the Sego model, a dietary complement, and the main target is on the actress’ hourglass determine, as you may see beneath. This commercial will even encourage Hitchcock for the opening sequence of The Birds:

After a number of interviews with producers, Hedren meets Hitchcock and his spouse Alma accompanied by agent Lou Wasserman. The filmmaker provides the actress a brooch of three birds in flight adorned with pearls and gold to supply her the primary position of his subsequent function movie, The Birds.

It is a main milestone within the profession of Hedren, who solely shot commercials and an uncredited look in The Scandalous Ingenue greater than a decade prior. By agreeing to work with Hitchcock, she’s going to discover herself on the entrance of the stage.


Teepee Hedren

Hitchcock will contain him in all levels of the preparation of the movie, from the costumes to the script via the director of images. Hedren learns so much at his aspect in regards to the backstage of creating a movie and forges expertise.

The filming of The Birds begins, and the actress begins to note one thing:

He was glancing at me insistently on the set, unattainable to not discover. Wherever he was, and as he spoke to different folks, his eyes had been on me.

Sooner or later, after a protracted day of filming. Hedren and Hitchcock are within the automobile taking them again to their resort. The director monologue, as typical, and Hedren, drained, stares into house. The car stops in entrance of the resort entrance the place visitors and workforce members are gathered.

Within the automobile, Hitchcock abruptly rushes at Tippi Hedren and tries to kiss her. Quoted within the documentary The Actress Tippi Hedren: From cursed birds to wild beasts (aired this night after the movie), the actress remembers:

I shouted: “However lastly!” and I pushed him away, jumped out of the automobile and ran again into the resort.

The following day, filming resumes and Hedren behaves as if nothing had occurred, maintaining to be the “offense” and “shock” that this sexual assault represented. The actress should shoot the scene through which Melanie, her character, is locked in a phone sales space, attacked by a mechanical hen which smashes in opposition to the glass of the sales space.


Tippi Hedren is instructed that it’s security glass (impression resistant) however it isn’t, it’s traditional glass and in shock, she receives shards of glass in her face. Later within the six months of filming, the scene of the assault of the birds takes every week made from throwing birds within the face, danger of blinding.

After this exhausting shoot, Hedren respects her contract and continues with Pas de Printemps pour Marnie, by the identical filmmaker, on which she will even expertise very troublesome conditions, looking for as soon as the movie has been boxed to finish her employment contract with Alfred. Hitchcock. In her memoir in 2016, the actress will keep in mind her powerlessness to claim her rights and denounce her attacker on the time:

“He was Alfred Hitchcock, one of many stars of Common and I used to be only a fortunate little blonde mannequin he saved from full anonymity. Who was extra worthwhile to the studio, him or me ?”

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Observe that for the needs of a TV film broadcast in 1994, Tippi Hedren will make an look in The Birds II which, as its identify doesn’t point out, will not be a sequel to The Birds however a remake.

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