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Jeopardy! fans stunned at rare clue about RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice ‘drama’ before champ Mattea Roach’s ‘runaway’ 22nd win

JEOPARDY! fans watched champ Mattea Roach nab her 22nd win from ella Wednesday, but not before a pit stop in New Jersey.

A rare Real Housewives clue mentioned Teresa Giudice by name and her “drama” before the “runaway” win.


Mattea Roach won her 22nd Jeopardy! on May 4th but fans were shocked by something else
There was a rare 'Real Housewives' clue before Mattea's 'runaway' win in an 'interesting' episode for all


There was a rare ‘Real Housewives’ clue before Mattea’s ‘runaway’ win in an ‘interesting’ episode for all

Ken Jennings is hosting Jeopardy! this week, whom many want to take over for good.

Also becoming a mainstay is Mattea, the 23-year-old tattoo-toting tutor from Canada – who just won her 22nd game.

Fans were shocked about the “lack of competition” tonight, but also about something rarer; a clue about Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dozens of viewers took to Twitter as during the regular Jeopardy round, two TV stars’ names were dropped and even their “drama.”

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Jeopardy!  fans say 'fishy' final clue was 'FIXED' by Ken for Mattea's 21st win

The clue, from a Reality TV category, read: “Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga dealt with some seriously unreal situations as ‘Real Housewives of’ this state.”

While Mattea correctly buzzed in with “What is: New Jersey,” fans buzzed in with “What is: happening?”

“#RHONJ was a Jeopardy answer tonight,” acknowledged one Twitter user.

“New Joisey #Jeopardy,” tweeted another.

“I am disavow[ing] any association with those ‘Housewives,’ #jeopardy” wrote a third on the TV intersection.

“LMAOOO WHY DID RHONJ REFERENCE JUST POP UP ON JEOPARDY??? (Yes I watch that s**t)” wrote a fourth, seemingly a viewer of both shows.

“The Jersey girls were an answer on Jeopardy tonight” noted another on the wild moment.


The “unreal situations” in the clue may have referenced the explosive first installment of the three-part RHONJ reunion which aired on Tuesday night.

In part one, Melissa fought back tears over her and Teresa’s broken bond, admitting that she was “sad” that she was snubbed from the Bravo star’s wedding plans with Luis Ruelas.

During an earlier Watch What Happens Live appearance in March, Teresa revealed none of her co-stars, including Melissa – her sister-in-law – would be bridesmaids in her second wedding.

Teresa stood her ground during part one, saying, “we’re not close” – with other explosions in parts two and three promising Joe Gorga storming off-set and “QUITTING” the show.


But back to Jeopardy! which was, similarly, not close tonight.

Up against Kelly Flynn, a New Hampshire teacher who shared she nearly “tangoed in a cemetery” and Jaime Sisson who noted she’s a “Fair and Responsible banking manager” in her bio, Mattea danced across the competition.

“Tango in a cemetery, interesting #Jeopardy,” one Twitter user noted.

Kelly didn’t have enough earnings to make it to Final Jeopardy, and Mattea earned her 22nd win in a breeze.

“Can we just skip to the tournament of champions now. I need to see some competition #jeopardy,” one fan fumed on Twitter.

“#jeopardy looks like Mattea is playing alone,” wrote another.

Last night’s Final Jeopardy answer on national anthems was “O Canada,” which annoyed dozens of fans called a “hand-out.”

However, with SEVEN tattoos including two LEG tattoos, a septum piercing and wire-rimmed glasses, the tutor is a signature ‘hand-wave’ away from being a household name.

The ‘super-champ’ as Jeopardy! described-won her de ella first game a MONTH ago now and exclaimed her “student loans are paid off!”

Her family up north sweetly hosts watch parties nightly which include custom cookies of Mattea’s FACE.

Some fans have found her casual gameplay style “cocky” and “annoying” as she voices her betting strategies over the other contestants, but she’s wildly young, rarely wrong and seemingly can’t be beaten.

The contestant also got verified on Twitter this week after asking for it in the style of a Lorde song – generally, fans give the star a “Green Light” though also wish the games would be closer.

Mayim Bialik and Ken started filling in as temporary hosts after Alex Trebek’s tragic death in 2020.

Ken, who is an alum himself and the show’s “Greatest of All Time” winner – began with an average of 9.2 million views, surpassing Wheel of Fortune and Mayim, who subbed in soon after and averaged her viewers at 5.7million.

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One fan wrote on Facebook earlier: “I really wish Jeopardy would just say Ken is the new host and get this over with. That’s clearly where this is going.”

Mattea will go for her 23rd win on May 5th, already having earned $530K as the fifth longest-going player ever.

Jeopardy!  fans could not believe there was a Real Housewives clue tonight


Jeopardy! fans could not believe there was a Real Housewives clue tonightCredit: Twitter/ABC
Ken Jennings is hosting this week as Mattea Roach's 22-game streak continued


Ken Jennings is hosting this week as Mattea Roach’s 22-game streak continuedCredit: ABC
While some fans want some closer games, it's hard to knock Mattea's consistency - or her Canadian family's nightly watch parties with custom Hershey's kisses


While some fans want some closer games, it’s hard to knock Mattea’s consistency – or her Canadian family’s nightly watch parties with custom Hershey’s kissesCredit: CBC

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