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Rising the well-being of the pregnant sow means selling the survival of her younger at beginning

In the system breeding typical piggythem sows pregnant are accommodated in band in of the floor squares restraint providing little stimulation sensory and cognitive, and are submitted has a rationing consuming who generates frustration and competitors Between congeners to entry to the meals. Of the works earlier had been suggesting what to enhance the lodging of the sows pregnant in their giving extra of house and one entry on the litter of Straw deep had of the results constructive on their goodbe, their behaviour maternal and the survival of their offspring. The examine conduct by of the researchers of the UMR PEGASUS aimed at decide if he existed a actual causal hyperlink to impact Between enrichment of the surroundings of the sows pregnant and the survival of their piglets.

For that, three ranges enrichment progressive have summer season usedto know of the enclosure collective typical on grating (C, n = 26), the similar enclosure with of the supplies in wooden manipulable and distribution of pellets of Straw after them meal (EC, n=30), and of the enclosure taller on a litter of Straw deep (E, n=27). The sows have summer season accommodated in these totally different enclosure of insemination as much as 105 days of gestation then have afterwards built-in of the farrowing containers equivalent for the three heaps till weaning of the piglets.

A lower of the stereotypes*, of the neutrophils blood** and cortisol salivary (indicator of stress), Subsequently just one enhance in behaviour exploration have summer season noticed with the rise of enrichment center. This are of the indicators as a result of that the goodbe of the sows throughout being pregnant was improved in the surroundings E in comparison with the surroundings C. The sows THIS have answered as them sows E or to of the ranges intermediaries Between the E’s and the C’s in response to them settings studied.

the charge of mortality of the piglets was extra weak 40 and 43% in them litters E and CE in contrast to the litters C au Lessons of the interval essential of the 12 uncooked hours subsequent the beginning, however not differed extra thereafter (21 ± 2% of mortality complete Between the beginning and the weaning). the stage enrichment throughout being pregnant n / A had that of weak results on the behaviour of the sows breastfeeding and the composition of milk after farrowing: eachth and threeth lactation days, sows E have interrupted much less typically their sequences breastfeeding that them sows C and CE, and the twoth day, the milk of the sows E and EC contained greater than minerals that that is why I wrote to you of the sows Key milk of the sows E contained additionally greater than polynuclear and macrophages that that is why I wrote to you of the sows C, the sows THIS presenting of the contents intermediaries.
Sooner or later of agethem ranges of expression by the cells immune blood of the Genoa coding for the receivers Toll-like *** (TLR2, TLR4) and cytokines (interleukin-1, -6 and -10) had been extra college students on the home of them piglets E that on the home of them piglets EC or C, testifying of 1 functioning barely totally different of their system of immunity innate.

He’s So doable to conclude that the lodging of the sows in a surroundings enriched throughout gestation at improved the survival neonatal early, presumably converse bias results constructive average however cumulative on the behaviour of the sowthe composition of the milkand the reply immune innate of the piglets.

Commencement of the results noticed Between them environments C, CE and E a bolstered the speculation of 1 causal relationship to impact Between the stage enrichment environmental maternalthe goodbe of the sows and the options postnatal of the piglets.

* Repetition frequent and uncontrolled of acts with out obvious function

** The neutrophils blood represent the class blood cells white (leukocytes) most plentiful. They type the first line of protection of the organism in opposition to infections bacterial.

***The receivers of the Toll sort (in English Toll-like receptors, LRT) represent a household of receivers sample recognition molecular microbial. The LRT are enjoying a function essential in the gratitude quick of the microbes by the system of immunity innate.

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