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I’m a millionaire matchmaker and elegance coach and these 10 things cheapen your appearance

A MILLIONAIRE matchmaker has revealed 10 things that instantly cheapen your appearance – so how many are you guilty of?

Elegance coach Anna Bey uploaded a video sharing the top beauty faux pas and how to avoid them.


Elegance coach Anna Bey shared her top tips for looking expensiveCredit: annabey/Instagram
To avoid looking cheap, Anna said you should avoid having the wrong foundation tone


To avoid looking cheap, Anna said you should avoid having the wrong foundation toneCredit: Refer to Caption

In a clip that has racked up over half a million views, Anna revealed her top tips…

Yellow or orange tone in blonde hair

Anna explained: “Women who have blonde hair need to pay attention.

“Any yellowness in that blonde hair is not nice and neither is orange.”

She said if you want to look expensive and well put-together, you need to make sure the color is properly applied.

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Anna added: “I would say this is one of the most common issues out there that actually does cheapen the appearance of a woman.”

Hair band around your wrist

Many of us are guilty of keeping a hair tie around your wrist during the day, but Anna said it is a massive turn off.

She added: “That does cheapen the appearance even if it is a very small and subtle thing.

“Details are details.”

Wrong tone in foundation

You should always make sure you have chosen the right tone foundation for your skin tone, said Anna.

She explained: “You can especially see this in daylight when a woman appears and you can see that foundation is a bit too yellow for her skin tone, or it’s a little bit too pink.”

The elegance coach advised determining if you have a cool, neutral and warm skin tone and match your foundation accordingly so it’s “not too light or dark”.

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split ends

Anna advised going regularly to the hairdresser to get rid of split ends.

She said: “Even if you want to grow your hair and don’t want to cut it, trust me, you will look more elevated and expensive if you just cut off that really dry, crispy, frizzy split ends and instead have really healthy looking hair.”

She added that your hair will look more luscious as a result.

Tacky behavior

It’s not just fashion and make-up that can affect how “expensive” you come across.

Anna said: “Tacky behavior is always going to cheapen your appearance.”

She said that women often pay so much attention to their outfits and appearance they forget to analyze how they speak, move, their body language, posture and behaviour.

Anna added: “All of those things add up and when you have a disconnect there, it cheapens your appearance.

“You have to have some kind of consistency in that personal brand, otherwise, it’s all lost.”

beautiful smile

Having a “representable mouth” is key and Anna said she not only means the appearance but what you say.

Anna said: “But really, the appearance of your mouth is important because if you have certain issues – I was born with awful teeth and I did my teeth.

“The mouth is a body part that is constantly in focus because when you are talking to people, when you are socializing people are looking at your mouth.”

She acknowledged that getting braces or veneers for your teeth can be expensive and not possible for everyone.

However she said lips should be moisturised, teeth clean and whitened at home if possible.

cheap fragrance

Anna said you should avoid “juvenile perfume” as it’ll cheapen your appearance.

She explained: “How you smell adds on how people perceive you.

“Of course if you smell like sweat or another bad odor please do use that deodorant and wash once a day.”

She said she wouldn’t wear Britney Spears’ perfume for example as it’s “too youthful”.

Anna added: “I think a lot of celebrity perfumes tend to be a bit youthful.”

dated style

When it comes to fashion, you should make sure you are dressing for today’s styles, claimed Anna.

Anna said: “Luckily for us who are interested in classic style we don’t really have to worry too much.

“But of course even classic styles need to be a bit touched up once in a while to make sure we don’t look like we are in the 80s or 90s.”

She referred to overly tanned skin and light pink lips that was popular over a decade ago.

bold eyebrows

Anna said she has been guilty of this mistake and sees it very often among other ladies.

You should avoid making eyebrows look too bold and abnormal.

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chipped nails

Anna said we should not neglect our hands when it comes to our appearance.

She said: “I know sometimes we might be in between our sessions or the salon is closed, of course things happen.

“But really try as much as possible to not grow out those nails.

“Not to have them chipped, because it doesn’t really look hygienic.”

Anna said you should not be tempted to wear a hair band around your wrist


Anna said you should not be tempted to wear a hair band around your wristCredit: YouTube
You should avoid 'juvenile' perfumes, such as ones by celebrities


You should avoid ‘juvenile’ perfumes, such as ones by celebritiesCredit: YouTube
Split ends instantly cheapen your appearance, said Anna


Split ends instantly cheapen your appearance, said AnnaCredit: YouTube

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