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Hull local election 2022 full results – see who won in your ward

The Labor Party has lost control of Hull City Council for the first time in 11 years during the latest local elections with the Liberal Democrats taking power.

While Labor were able to defeat the Conservative’s only councilor John Fareham in Bricknell, this gain was offset by three losses to the Lib Dems. These losses included a shock defeat in Longhill and Bilton Grange of longstanding Cllr John Black.

The writing was on the wall early on overnight as Labor leader Cllr Daren Hale admitted just over two hours after polls closed that his party looked to have come up short of retaining its majority. Nineteen of the council’s 57 seats were up for election, the result means the full council now has the Lib Dems on 29 seats, Labor on 27 and one unaffiliated.

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At the count, Lib Dem leader and future leader of Hull City Council, Cllr Mike Ross told LDRs: “Tonight is an emphatic vote for change in Hull. We thank the thousands that voted Liberal Democrat today, they sent a message no one can ignore .”

Daren Hale, meanwhile, suggested as results came in that the Conservative vote in Hull “collapsing” may been to blame for Labour’s loss of the council: “That’s effectively an anti-Labour vote so it’s gone to the Lib Dems in a number of wards .”

Below are the results in full for each contested ward. Ings and Kingswood were not answered this year:

Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Mike Ross (front, left) celebrates with the group’s councilors


Marjorie Brabazon for Labor held the ward with 1,764 votes. The Lib Dem’s Craig Woolmer came in second with 1,520 votes. The Green’s James Russell secured 280 votes and Conservative Alex Hayward, 108.

Turnout was 41.09 per cent, up 1.04 per cent, and the swing was 9.48 per cent from the Lib Dems to Labor compared with 2021.

Beverly & Newland

Lib Dem David McCobb held the ward with 2,036 votes. Labour’s Jessica Raspin came second with 554, followed by the Green’s Julia Brown, 182 and Conservative Lee Morgan with 179.

Turnout was 30.22 per cent, up 0.51 per cent, with a 2.44 per cent swing from Labor to the Lib Dems.


Lib Dem Maria Coward retained the ward with 1,415 votes. Labour’s Paul Harper finished second with 708, followed by Conservative James Sargeant, 261. Turnout was 26.35 per cent, down 0.55 per cent, and there was a swing of 1.43 per cent from Labor to the Lib Dems.

Bricknell – Labor Gain

Labour’s Sarah Harper won the seat with 1,188 votes, defeating Conservative John Fareham, who secured 806. Kevin Paulson for the Greens, 134, pipped Lib Dem Sarita Robinson, 124, to third.

Turnout was 36.77 per cent, down 1.25 per cent.

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Labour’s Aneesa Akbar held the ward with 702 votes. Lee Fallin of the Lib Dems came second with 239 and Conservative Harry Noble secured 163.

Turnout was 17.32 per cent, down 2.7 per cent compared to 2019, and there was a swing of 4.06 per cent from Labor to the Lib Dems.


The Lib Dems Cheryl Payne retained the ward with 1,223 votes. Sarah Hicks for Labor came second with 722 votes, ahead of Conservative Mike Whitehead, 182.

Turnout was 23.61 per cent, up 0.31 per cent, and there was a 2.52 per cent swing from Labor to the Lib Dems.

dry pool

Lib Dem Linda Chambers was re-elected with 1,681 votes. Labour’s David Craker finished second with 571, followed by Conservative Archie Bartlett, 141, and John Allison-Walsh for the Green Party, 97, and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition’s (TUSC) Tony Smith, 46. Turnout was 28.45 per cent, down 1.05 per cent, with a swing of 0.35 per cent from Labor to Lib Dem.


Lib Dem Jackie Dad was re-elected with 1,671 votes. Labour’s Jan Hornby finished second with 679, followed by Conservative Corey Rigby, 155. Turnout was 28.42 per cent, down 1.33 per cent, and there was a 5.84 per cent swing from Labor to Lib Dem.

Longhill and Bilton Grange – Lib Dem Gain

Tim Kemp for the Lib Dems claimed victory with 1,113 votes, defeating Labour’s John Black, 675. Conservative John Rymer was third with 185. Turnout was 22.29 per cent, up 3.81 per cent, and there was a swing of 28.22 per cent from Labor to the Liberal Democrats.


Labour’s Patrick Wilkinson was re-elected with 657 votes. Sean Chaytor finished second with 198, followed by Lib Dem Brian Gurevitch, 186, and Conservative Geoff Horton, 165. Turnout was 13.45 per cent, down 1.17 per cent, and there was a swing of 6.46 per cent from Labor to the Independent Sean Chaytor .

Newington & Gypsyville

Labour’s Lynn Petrini was re-elected with 937 votes. Lib Dem Karen Woods finished second with 332, followed by Conservative Richard Royal, 238, and the Green’s Andy Donegan, 143. Turnout was 15.78 per cent, down 1.38 per cent, and there was a swing of 0.06 per cent from Labor to the Lib Others.

North Carr

Labour’s Anita Harrison won with 815 votes. The Lib Dem’s Phil Newsom finished second with 686, followed by Conservative Graeme Wightman, 118, and the TUSC’s James Bentley, 37. Turnout was 16.69 per cent, up 0.76 per cent, and there was a swing of 9.82 per cent from Lib Dems to Labour.

Orchard Park

Labour’s Deborah Matthews was elected with 987 votes. Lib Dem Brian Tompsett secured second place with 379, followed by Conservative Farhana Khan, 232.

Turnout was 15.61 per cent, down 0.96 per cent, and there was a swing of 2.12 per cent from Labor to the Lib Dems.


Lib Dem Tracey Henry was elected with 910 votes. Labour’s Terry Sullivan finished second with 850, followed by Conservative Oscar Harrison, 133.

Turnout was 29.69 per cent, up 4.02 per cent compared with 2019, and there was a swing of 14.66 per cent from Lib Dem to Labour.


Labour’s Anna Marie Thompson was elected with 1,101 votes. Lib Dem Mike Chambers finished in second with 387, followed by Conservative Ian Pearson, 317.

Turnout was 17.73 per cent, down 1.36 per cent, and there was a swing of 0.01 per cent from Labor to the Lib Dems.

St Andrew’s & Docklands

Labour’s Leanne Fudge won with 1,106 votes. George Norris for the Lib Dems finished second with 385, followed by Conservative Curt Pugh, 171, and Barry McGrath of The For Britain Movement, 65.

Turnout was 16.59 per cent, down 6.09 per cent, and there was a swing of 11.2 per cent from Lib Dem to Labour.

Sutton – Lib Dem Gain

Lib Dem Terence Keal won the seat with 1,676 votes, defeating Labour’s Rob Dunstan, 945, into second place. Conservative Stephen Hackett secured 230, followed by Independent Colin Worrall, 73.

Turnout was 29.11 per cent, down 3.27 per cent, and there was a swing of 1.19 per cent from Labor to Lib Dems.

University – Lib Dem Gain

Lib Dem Holly Burton was elected with 882 votes. Labour’s Gwen Lunn finished second with 604, Conservative Sam Barrick, 108, and Green Richard Howarth, 64.

Turnout was 24.66 per cent, up 4.71 per cent, and there was a swing of 24.27 per cent from Labor to the Lib Dems.

West Carr

Lib Dem Rob Pritchard held the seat with 1,104 votes. Labour’s Penny Rodmell finished in second with 551. Conservative Colin Baxter received 220, followed by the TUSC’s Joyce Marshall, 111.

Turnout was 21.7 per cent, down 2.09 per cent, with a 1.2 per cent swing to Labour.

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