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How to see David FeBland’s ‘Relics of Empire’ at 9 The Gallery Phoenix

At 5 years old, David FeBland went on a ride he’s never forgotten.

Mr. Ellis — his family gardener — picked him up on his motorcycle for the first time. It was his job for him to take the now internationally renowned artist to nursery school. FeBland sat on the handlebars, riding through the English countryside. The trip was only one mile, but he said it was the freest he ever felt.

That ride inspired a lifelong passion for non-motorized, longdistance biking, he said, with his red, white and blue road bike next to him.

“It was one of those imprinted experiences that stays with you,” FeBland said, smiling.

He’s spent his entire adult life traveling the world on a tandem bike with his wife, Lynda. They load their bike with FeBland’s artwork, which he has shown in Europe, the UK and across the US They’ve crossed 56 countries off their bucket list so far.

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