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How Salesforce will find new profiles to support its growth

Virtually try on a hair dye before buying it on the L’Oréal merchant site? It’s possible thanks to Salesforce technology. Find a doctor on Doctolib? Here again, Salesforce intervenes, the platform allowing the French unicorn of e-health to manage the prospection of new doctors to integrate into its database. Book a box for a concert at Paris La Défense Arena? It is once again the Salesforce cloud tools that offer sales and technical teams the possibility of knowing, in real time, the programming and the occupancy rate of the different spaces in the room.

Since 2015, the date of its installation at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the Californian start-up has been the world leader in “customer relationship management” (CRM, customer relationship management). A darling of Silicon Valley and former vice-president of Oracle, Marc Benioff, charismatic boss of the company, prides himself on having built his success on the hard work and creativity of his teams. Above all, he was able to anticipate the cloud revolution by creating a complete CRM system for all companies, regardless of their size. Its management software makes it possible to connect all the necessary applications, without an army of specialists, the purchase of servers and software licenses, etc.

Except that today Salesforce is like a victim of its own success… More and more companies want to use its services, but have neither the brains nor the arms necessary to make the best use of its technologies. To continue to develop and grow, the platform therefore has no choice: it must train its own experts, in order to make a pool of talent available to companies.

And it will take a lot of people: it is estimated that more than 200,000 jobs will be created in France around Salesforce technologies by 2026, and 9.3 million worldwide. Not easy, especially in a country like ours, where 70% of employees consider that they do not have the skills required to face new tasks.

“We are counting on several types of relay, including the associative fabric, explains Emilie Sidiqian, bubbling boss of the French subsidiary, to seek out these profiles among populations that do not necessarily have access to training and employment. Salesforce then relies on various partners to train these recruits. “The idea, details the leader, is to create a virtuous circle that benefits everyone and to have a positive and real impact within French society.”

The experiment carried out with the interim specialist Adecco is emblematic of this desire to transform the ecosystem. Since 2007, the Franco-Swiss group has chosen Salesforce to digitize relations between its agencies and temporary workers, accumulating and classifying valuable data on the needs of employment areas. “We can therefore support the business developments of our clients, by developing the skills of our candidates”, explains Pierre Matuchet, General Manager Strategy, Transformation and Digital at Adecco.

Whether it’s the transition to electric car manufacturers or the skills associated with technological environments, “many candidates are not aware of their potential, whereas we are able to identify them thanks to artificial intelligence solutions. This is confirmed by ISDI, another French partner who trains users in Salesforce tools. Required Skills ? “Essentially, the appetite for technology and customer needs. No need for a diploma, you just have to get by in English, ”summarizes Victor Kessler, ISDI country manager, who works in particular with Pôle emploi.

Alternative profiles

In 2021, 1,000 people who did not imagine getting a high-tech job thus obtained a technical certification, which came in support of skills oriented on soft skills: autonomy, sense of cooperation and non-hierarchical management. After ensuring golden careers for a whole generation of business school graduates, the cloud sector seems determined to open its doors to more alternative profiles, such as retrained or unemployed employees. But also women, still very poorly represented in the digital sector (15% of initial training).

In this regard, the general manager of Salesforce France is teaming up with the Social Builder network, which has already supported nearly 70,000 women in training, retraining and job search. A “fusional” partnership indicates Emmanuelle Larroque, director of the network, who underlines that the American group also supports programs that do not involve its technologies.

Valuable creation

To prove that this ecosystem works and benefits everyone, the company multiplies concrete cases based on the use of its own tools. For example, that of Bouygues Telecom, one of its first French customers. The operator uses Salesforce to aggregate a lot of data about its users, which until now was difficult to access. Advisors and telemarketers now have access to essential information on the same screen, thus having better visibility of their performance. “They can follow the caller’s situation in detail (technical aspects, packages, offers), assures Alain Angerame, member of the operator’s general management committee, and engage in a real-time response, with the service concerned. »

The icing on the cake, the subcontractors installing the boxes in private homes will also be connected. They will therefore be able to know the opening hours of the concierge lodges, know exactly the length of cable they need and even the color best suited to the apartment! In short, the platform allows what Alain Angerame calls the “increase of human potential”, by encouraging employees to gain autonomy. “Beyond being a simple supplier of technological solutions, specifies Emilie Sidiqian, our objective is to help our customers and partners to imagine new ways of developing their business, to show them how to create value from given. »

Since the creation of the company in 1999, Marc Benioff has insisted on the need to fully understand the business of his clients. Today, Alain Angerame evokes these learning expeditions in the United States, which Bouygues teams are used to…

The growth objectives of the American giant are in double digits and the recent takeover of Slack messaging, for 27 billion dollars, confirms this determination. In order to reach these heights, Salesforce pampers its employees – and not only by offering them a unique view of the Eiffel Tower. In 2022, for the fifth consecutive year, the company is the winner of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work award. It prides itself on being 100% carbon neutral, proclaims that its employees are not all cisgender and that, within its walls, everyone is free to adopt the pronoun of their choice: “he”, “she” or ” iel”, the decision immediately becomes administrative. According to Emilie Sidiqian, the company can even finance sex change operations.

Finally, Marc Bernioff introduced the so-called “1-1-1” system, which obliges the group to devote 1% of its profits, 1% of the time of its employees and 1% of its products to philanthropy. This “pro bono” has, for example, made it possible to set up a free telephone listening platform during the Covid crisis from April 2020 or to support the Emmaüs association with in-house management tools. It is also directed towards employment support actions. Not totally disinterested, therefore, since it will feed the famous pool that Salesforce needs to grow… but leaving no one behind.

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