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Hooks and Earworms: What Makes Pop Songs So Catchy?

Abstract: Researchers discover why some songs continually get caught in our heads and why these “hooks” are the guideline for contemporary fashionable music.

supply: College of Wollongong

“Hey, I simply met you, and that is loopy… However this is my quantity, so name me, possibly.”

These clever and catchy phrases are these of Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen from her 2012 hit “Name Me Possibly.” The music topped the music charts internationally, together with in the USA, Canada and Australia.

However what was it about that music that made it so fashionable? Why, 10 years later, is it nonetheless so memorable? What makes any music stand out and be simply remembered?

These questions are simply a few of many which might be explored in “Hooks in Standard Music” (Palgrave McMillan 2022)—a brand new ebook co-authored by College of Wollongong (UOW) researcher Dr. Timothy Byron and Dr. Jadey O’Regan (Sydney Conservatory of Music).

It is the primary book-length research of hooks in fashionable music that makes an attempt to clarify why some songs get caught in our heads and why these “hooks” are the guideline of recent fashionable music.

Dr. Byron from UOW’s Faculty of Psychology mentioned the ebook defines a hook as a musical second or musical phrase that stands out and is well remembered. These are the bits of songs which might be extra prone to find yourself as “earworms,” the weather of the songs that turn out to be caught in our head.

“Hooks are deeply private—what’s a devastatingly efficient hook for one particular person, would possibly slide proper previous one other particular person unnoticed,” Dr. Byron mentioned.

“Hooks is usually a rhythm, a timbre, or a melody and so they’re not one thing that is added on prime, they are surely the defining cloth of pop music.

“That is to not say different genres do not use hooks, you see hooks within the riff in rock music, however for pop music itself, we simply suppose it is the core of what makes it pop.”

The ebook provides a variety of examples of hooks in fashionable songs from the final 30 years, together with the catchy refrain of the 2001 hit “Cannot Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue, Third Eye Blind’s 1997 music “Semi Charmed Life”. ” and this 2022’s memorable hit “As It Was” by Harry Kinds.

Dr. Byron mentioned hooks are necessary for contemporary pop music as a result of artists need their songs to face out.

“It has been mentioned on radio that if folks hear a music they do not know, they will wait about seven seconds earlier than altering the station and it is most likely the identical for contemporary streaming companies,” Dr. Byron mentioned.

“Pop songs need to make an influence rapidly and to face out to the listener, they should have a hook.

Dr. Byron provides that the idea of a hook will not be new.

“Via our analysis we discovered the time period hook getting used to consult with a subsection of a bit of fashionable music that’s notable indirectly has occurred since at the very least the Nineteen Sixties.”

The authors are each musicians however had completely different motivations for writing the ebook. Dr. Byron’s experience lies in music psychology, and specifically the way in which that music interacts with reminiscence. Whereas Dr. O’Regan focuses on educating music on the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

“I’m very within the psychology of what makes a music stand out and why some songs are simple to recollect and I needed to discover that on this ebook,” Dr. Byron mentioned.

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“For me as a psychologist, it is intriguing for one thing to be remembered as a result of there are many issues we do not keep in mind in any respect. We barely remembered what we did every week in the past, so for folks to recollect something in any respect, there should be one thing particular about it..

This shows a record on a record player
It is the primary book-length research of hooks in fashionable music that makes an attempt to clarify why some songs get caught in our heads and why these “hooks” are the guideline of recent fashionable music. Picture is within the public area

“If a little bit of a music is getting our consideration, if there’s a little bit of a music that we’re remembering, then it is doing one thing proper and it is virtually exploiting the specifics of how our reminiscence and a focus works.”

For Dr. O’Regan the impetus for the ebook got here from her educating background and expertise.

“I educate up to date music and a variety of my college students are songwriters, producers and performers and in school we frequently speak about this concept of ​​ear sweet,” Dr. O’Regan mentioned.

“College students would ask me the place they may go to be taught extra about these ideas, and I noticed there wasn’t actually wherever I may ship them.

“After which I noticed we actually wanted to put in writing one thing.”

The tip outcome was a 459-page on-line textbook that covers all the pieces from the psychology of memorability to the position of the research of hooks in fashionable musicology.

“Hooks in Standard Music” is a complete piece of labor that fills a niche within the literature discussing the significance of what makes a music catchy, and as Alanis Morissette memorably mentioned in 1995, it is the form of stuff “You Oughta Know.”

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