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Here are the new Apple products that would adopt USB-C

2024 will be the date when companies will have to include a USB-C port in their electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, cameras, headsets, etc. This measure, approved by the European Parliament last June, mainly concerns Apple who still include a Lightning connector in many of their products.

Although the Cupertino company has repeatedly opposed it, arguing that this measure, instead of stimulating innovation, stifles it, you’ll have no choice but to switch to USB-C on devices that retain the Lightning connector. The list of products that retain the reversible port designed by Apple itself is, however, somewhat reduced at present, since the company led by Tim Cook has included the universal connector in some of its most important products for years, like iPad or Mac.

But what about the iPhone? Will other Apple products also need to switch to USB-C? There are, in particular, five devices that will have to change port before 2024. taking into account the decision of the European Union that smartphones, tablets, laptops or other small devices such as speakers, cameras, headphones, etc. must have a USB-C port.

The iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone to arrive with USB-C

The iPhone 14 will be the company’s last smartphone to include a Lightning connector. At least that’s what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests, who said the company will would opt for a USB-C port on the iPhone 15 which will be announced in 2023. In fact, Apple is already working on prototypes with this reversible connector, as detailed by Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) just days after Mr Kuo revealed the company’s plans to switch ports next year.

Apple should announce up to four iPhone 15 models. All, of course, with USB-C. After the start of the year, the company could announce two models with a 6.1-inch screen: the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro; and two other 6.7-inch versions: the iPhone 15 Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These should be announced sometime in September.

The MagSafe battery will say goodbye to Lightning

One of the most interesting iPhone accessories could also move to a USB-C connector. It’s the MagSafe Battery has Power Bank compatible with iPhone 12 and later models that allows wireless charging with speed up to 7.5W. It also attaches to the back of the iPhone using MagSafe, the magnetic system designed by the company itself.

Currently the battery MagSafe has a Lightning port. This connector, in addition to offering the possibility of charging the battery itself, also allows it to be used as a wireless charging dock. In other words, the user can place the MagSafe battery on a flat surface, connect it to the power supply and place their iPhone in the magnetic area so that both devices can charge, for example, overnight. Considering that the iPhone 15 would arrive with USB-C, and the MagSafe battery doesn’t include any cables in the box, it makes sense that it would also switch to this reversible port.

It’s unclear, however, if Apple will keep the same charging capacity and power or if it will improve the current generation.

iPad could switch to USB-C this year

The website Basic iPad Apple’s iPad is currently the only iPad without a USB-C port. The iPad Air, Pro, and even the mini version already feature this reversible port, but the company has continued to rely on the Lightning connector on its cheapest model, at least until now. There are rumors of a port change in the tenth generation model, which could be announced next September.

It is also likely that the company will change its design and working methods and flat flanges are likely to be used. It’s unclear whether it will retain the top and bottom bezels of the display, as well as Touch ID on the front.

AirPods, also with USB-C

AirPods USB-C
AirPods could also switch to USB-C in order to comply with applicable European regulations, let’s remember, from 2024. The company should not change their characteristics; it will simply launch a new generation with this reversible connector. In fact, the second generation AirPods Pro which should be announced later this year, will be equipped with a Lightning port.

So they are, two models could be equipped with the USB-C port. On the one hand, the current 3rd generation AirPods. On the other hand, the AirPods Pro 2, because Apple, by then, could eliminate from its catalog the current AirPods Pro and the second generation AirPods.

Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

Finally, and to finish with the Lightning port, Apple could also opt for a USB-C connector on its Mac peripherals. This includes the magic mouse, magic keyboard in all its variants (with and without numeric keypad) and the Magic Trackpad. Again, this makes particularly good sense, not only because they will have to comply with European regulations, but also because all current Macs have USB-C ports.

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