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half of companies have reduced the number of customer experience providers they do business with in the past year

New survey results from TELUS International show that half of businesses rely on a single service delivery partner to achieve all of their customer experience goals.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A research carried out at the request of TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT), a leading digital customer experience organization that designs, develops and delivers next-generation solutions for global and market-creating brands, revealed that half of companies have reduced the number of customer experience providers they have dealt with in the last 12 months: 51% of them use the services of a single provider and 44% use the services of two or three providers.

Conducted by business process outsourcing consultancy Ryan Strategic Advisory on behalf of TELUS International, the survey1 revealed a significant trend towards the consolidation of customer experience providers by companies over the past five years. If, 5 years ago, only 27% of companies tried to reduce their number of suppliers, this percentage rose to 44% 2 years ago and almost doubled compared to the result of 5 years ago for reach 50% in the past 12 months.

“Global survey results,” said Peter Ryan, principal analyst, Ryan Strategic Advisory, “indicate that many companies no longer want to diversify their customer experience providers. Instead, they seek to build trusted partnerships with far fewer, if any, single vendors who have extensive experience and a breadth of solutions to deliver end-to-end services at all stages of the manufacturing value chain. ‘client experience. This reality could reflect the vast number of challenges facing businesses today, ranging from global events like the pandemic that exponentially accelerated digital adoption by customers, to the growing number of more limited internal resources to manage the various external customer experience partners and lack of internal expertise to design, develop and deliver modern and more complex digital customer experience solutions and services . »

Companies want more complex end-to-end customer experience services

A total of 40% of global business leaders surveyed mentioned that they would abandon a customer experience provider if they were unable to provide all the complex digital customer experience services needed. Currently, 65% of respondents use at least two services from a customer experience partner, 35% of them receive only one service and 58% of respondents mentioned that this total has increased since the start of the pandemic. Respondents indicated working with a single partner for complex services such as artificial intelligence (67%), digital IT (68%), content moderation (72%) and digital customer experience (77%).

“We’re seeing,” said Maria Pardee, Chief Commercial Officer, TELUS International, “many companies are overhauling their current customer experience partnerships to build fewer, but stronger relationships of trust that encompass all of the skills and expertise needed to implement, scale and adapt their end-to-end customer experience strategy, including offering more complex services like content moderation and AI solutions. Our range of new economy services enables us to foster the long-term achievement of our clients’ growth ambitions and to offer them the services and solutions necessary to keep up with market trends and changes in client behavior, which reflect the need for smarter products as well as more personalized, seamless and forward-thinking brands and customer experiences. »

Visit our website to view TELUS International’s exclusive insights from Ryan Strategic Advisory’s 2022 Omnibus Survey of Customer Experience Providers.

About TELUS International

TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT) designs, manufactures and delivers next-generation digital solutions to enhance the customer experience of global market-creating brands. Its services support the full digital transformation lifecycle of its clients and enable them to more quickly adopt next-generation digital technologies to improve their bottom line. TELUS International’s integrated solutions encompass digital strategy, innovation, consulting and design, information technology lifecycle management (managed solutions, intelligent automation and comprehensive data solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as computer vision), omnichannel customer experience, and trust and security, including content moderation. TELUS International supports businesses at all stages of growth. It collaborates with different brands in fast-growing industries, such as tech and gaming, communications and media, e-commerce, fintech, banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare , travel and hospitality.

TELUS International’s unique culture of caring promotes diversity and inclusion. The company’s policies, workshops and resource groups reflect this, as do its equal opportunity hiring practices in all regions where it does business. Since 2007, the company has had a positive impact on the lives of more than one million citizens around the world. It gives back to communities and helps people in need through large-scale volunteer activities and donations. TELUS International’s five Community Boards have donated $4.7 million to local charities since 2011. To learn more, visit


Overview of the survey

This survey was conducted among 668 business leaders who all had strategic decision-making responsibilities for the contact centers of their respective companies. Comments were collected in the United States (20%), United Kingdom (15%), Germany (15%), France (13%), Canada (10%), Spain (10%) , Italy (10%) and Australia (8%). Phone interviews were conducted in Q1 of 2022. Examples of sample verticals: cybersecurity, green business, retail banking, insurance, healthcare, government, retail, gaming, e-commerce, technology, financial technology, travel, accommodation and leisure, telecommunications, digital heritage, media and public services. Respondents’ revenue mix ranged from $10M to over $5B (in US$).


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