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From South America, Jean-Luc Mélenchon sends “postcards”

On a South American tour, the boss of rebellious France conveys his messages and follows very closely the evolution of his deputies in the National Assembly. His withdrawal from political life seems very remote.

Far from France but eyes always turned to politics. While touring the countries of South America, Jean-Luc Mélenchon makes his voice heard, between photos with leaders with ideas very similar to his, visits to museums and blog notes.

Since July 12, barely 3 weeks after the entry of 75 deputies from La France insoumise and 151 elected Nupes into the Assembly, the former presidential candidate who did not stand for re-election in the Bouches-du-Rhône has flew to Mexico City, the first leg of his South American tour. At each of his meetings around Heads of State chosen with the greatest care, he takes the opportunity to convey his messages.

turtle in the museum

In Mexico, the boss of the rebellious thus meets President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, elected after the 3rd attempt in 2018, with only 2 years younger than Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

This Head of State may have assured that he wanted to pursue a moderate policy to reassure the financial markets at the start of his mandate, he quickly became famous for several measures that rebellious France would not deny by lowering his salary by 60%, doubling retirement pensions and by launching a vast recovery plan for public energy companies.

A few hours later, visiting a museum in the capital, the septuagenarian took the opportunity to take a photo of himself in front of a painting which notably represented a … turtle, his favorite animal, which symbolized perseverance for him. Enough to see a possible nod to a future candidacy in 2027.

Remote message

Jean-Luc Mélenchon then headed for Honduras, to meet Xiomara Castro, who was elected president last November by advocating the drafting of a new Constitution, very close to the 6th Republic called for by LFI.

“Power is at the end of the struggle”, he also advances on his Twitter account in reference to his journey against a coup in the 2010s and his commitment to indigenous struggles.

Snub to accusations of “Venezuela administered”

“We are not so far from the ‘do better’ that he launched at us”, laughs a young rebellious deputy in reference to the remarks made by the president of the movement on the evening of the second round of the legislative elections.

In Colombia, Jean-Luc Mélenchon takes the stage with President Gustavo Petro, elected in June. During his campaign, he had been presented several times by his opponents and several major media as “a populist”, dreaming of making Bogota “a new Venezuela”.

Enough to snub Guillaume Kasbarian, the Renaissance deputy (ex-LaRem) and chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, who accused his rebellious colleagues of wanting to make France “an administered economy like in Venezuela”, in preamble to the purchasing power bill.

Day-to-day follow-up of controversies

Between his many tweets related to his trip, the former deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône does not fail to comment on political news. Upheaval in the National Assembly on an amendment increasing the budget for the increase in pensions, support for a deputy victim of sexist attacks, denunciation of the supposed “honeymoon” between “Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron” … The French situation is never far away.

“I am changing my combat post, but my commitment is and will remain until my last breath in the first of your ranks”, had also launched the leader of the rebellious at the podium on the evening of the second round of legislative.

He doesn’t even pretend on his blog, which has been particularly active in recent days, taking up the pen every other day. Last post: his analysis of the controversies surrounding the wearing of a tie. While LR deputy Éric Ciotti asked for the return of the compulsory tie in the hemicycle, regretting the “looseness in dress” of the deputies, the president of the PACA region Renaud Muselier for his part explained that he found the left-wing deputies “dirty and scruffy” on July 21 on BFMTV.

An overhanging future

“So much pretentious arrogance delights me. All who stoop to participate in it will drown in the ocean of popular contempt that this kind of pantomime is sure to trigger. All is well. Everyone is in the place they belong to. chosen. And who is watching chooses in turn which side of the ditch he is standing on, “writes the boss of the movement.

Suffice to say that retirement seems very far for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. After his return to Paris in the coming days and a few weeks of vacation in France, he should now tackle the presidency of the La Boétie institute, a think tank close to La France insoumise, after being on the front of the stage for a “great march against the high cost of living”.

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