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ESSCA School of Management, Angers campus: Bachelor in International Management

Founded in 1909, ESSCA School of Management is a post-baccalaureate Grande Ecole. It offers various courses for professions in marketing, commerce, finance, HR, digital and consulting. Member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, it delivers a Bac + 5 diploma aimed at, Master’s degree and also offers a Bachelor’s program aimed at License degree, a Specialized Master and Masters of Science.

Association law 1901 and labeled EESPIG, ESSCA School of Management is part of the 1% of management schools in the world triple accredited AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, for the excellence of its program, its international openness and its proximity to companies. It now has a network of nearly 17,000 Alumni spread throughout the world. Established on several teaching sites in France and abroad (Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg (soon), Budapest and Shanghai), the ESSCA Group offers an international curriculum linked to a extensive network of partner universities in 56 countries.

the Bachelor in International Management from ESSCA in Angers unfolds along 3 main axes: mastery of the fundamentals of management, internationalization of the student’s profile and professionalization of his course.

Year 1: master the fundamentals and initiate your specialization course

The first year of the Bachelor in International Management from ESSCA in Angers promotes general culture, fundamental knowledge in management sciences, personal development, writing, languages ​​and initiates digital culture and project management. It aims to make students faster and more autonomous in the subsequent acquisition of knowledge and know-how, and offers a first experience in business.

At the end of this first year, the students will have to complete an internship to discover the company in France or abroad (6 to 8 weeks).

Year 2: internationalize your profile and continue your specialization course


The lessons are centered on deepening the fundamentals of management: managerial finance, international trade, strategic and operational management with a focus on strategic marketing and intercultural management.

Students can choose to do this semester on the Budapest campus. They can also extend their stay to semester 4 and thus benefit from a full year in the Hungarian capital.


During this semester, all students benefit from an international experience:

  • Academic semester abroad at a partner university or
  • Semester on ESSCA campuses in Budapest or Shanghai or
  • Internship abroad

Possibility of internship in a company, in France or abroad, lasting 6 to 8 weeks before or after the international semester.

Year 3: professionalize your course

The third year of the Bachelor in International Management from ESSCA in Angers has the dual objective of professionalization and orientation towards professions in the chosen field of specialization.

5 specialization paths according to the campuses

  • Marketing and Sales (possible alternation)
  • International Business Developer (taught in English)
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • E-business development
  • sports management

The specializations offered on the Angers campus are:

  • Marketing and Commercialization
  • International Business Developer

More information

Admissions procedures


Admission to the 1st year of the Bachelor in International Management at ESSCA in Angers is by competitive examination after registration on Parcoursup.

The competition is open to any candidate preparing for a French baccalaureate (in metropolitan France, in the DROM-COM or in French high schools abroad) or already holding a French baccalaureate.

It consists of two parts: file study and oral test. A bonus is granted to candidates with a TAGE Post Bac score.

For candidates wishing to integrate the English course (campus of Angers, Budapest, Lyon and Paris), an official English test is required.

Find all the modalities of the Bachelor competition tests on

Calendar 2022

  • Registration on Parcoursup: between the end of January and the end of March
  • Oral tests: beginning of April in Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Bordeaux, Budapest, Lyon, Paris and Strasbourg. Each candidate chooses a site and a half-day from the proposed dates.
  • Admission results: early June


Open to students who have validated a 1st year of higher education, admission on file and motivation interview.

Registration on section APPLY TO ESSCA.


Only for the Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Lyon and Paris campuses. Open to students who have validated a 2nd year of higher education, admission on file and motivational interview.

To note :

  • The Marketing and commercialization option is only offered on a work-study basis.
  • The Bachelor’s degree, effective in 2023, will not concern students entering the 3rd year in parallel in 2022.
  • Registration on section APPLY TO ESSCA


Candidates preparing or already holding a foreign secondary school diploma register directly on

Admission on file and interview.

For candidates wishing to integrate the English-speaking course (campuses of Angers, Budapest, Lyon and Paris), an official English test is required.

Professions targeted

The bachelor’s degree in international management from the ESSCA School of Management in Angers, will allow you, once in your working life, to claim the following positions:

Specialization: Marketing and commercialization:

  • Commercial export
  • Export sales manager
  • international buyer

Specialization: International Business Developer:

  • export marketing manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales manager

Specialisation: Entrepreneurship and innovation:

  • Business creator or takeover
  • social entrepreneur
  • Business creation advisor

Specialization: E-business development:

  • Digital project manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • digital marketer
  • SEO manager
  • e-commerce manager
  • e-business manager

Specialization: Sports Management:

  • Manager of a health and fitness center
  • Sports project manager
  • Sports store manager
  • Positions with sports equipment manufacturers

The strengths of the Bachelor in International Management from ESSCA in Angers

  • ESSCA’s international offer and its large network of accredited partner universities.
  • Mandatory international experience from the 2nd year
  • 1 full semester of study abroad, from the 2nd year
  • Professional immersion throughout: an internship each year and the possibility of a work-study program in the 3rd year
  • The educational quality of ESSCA
  • A professional training, corresponding to the expectations of companies
  • Innovative teaching methods in project mode


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