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EcoRéseau Enterprise – Nuclear: an outdated European story emerges from the shadows

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The place the previous minister of Lionel Jospin, the ecologist Dominique Voynet, out of the blue makes folks discuss her… Not essentially for the higher.

A video rising from the bowels of the Web exhibits Dominique Voynet, Lionel Jospin’s former Minister of the Surroundings, knowingly admitting that she thwarted her authorities’s opinion on the nuclear difficulty to make her private place prevail.

It’s an unlikely video. Deeply disturbing. We see a former minister hilariously confessing that she deceived her personal authorities throughout a world negotiation with the complicity of a overseas chief. Clarification.

Do you keep in mind Dominique Voynet? The previous muse of the Greens, presidential candidate in 1995 then 2007 (ravenous scores of respectively 3.32% and 1.57%) – was, between 1997 and 2001, Minister of the Surroundings. We have been then beneath the third cohabitation: Jacques Chirac on the Élysée was twiddling his thumbs, helpless, dealing with his Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, tenant of Matignon. It’s the authorities of the “plural left”: the communists and the ecologists are in alliance with the PS.

An outdated video of Dominique Voynet has simply emerged on social networks. It comes from a documentary titled ” Nuclear, a fact who disturbs “. The previous minister tells the backstage of a negotiation in Brussels. Fascinating, particularly asa priori Dominique Voynet seems like a reliable lady. The minister recollects her reminiscence of a terrific continental debate on the way forward for nuclear vitality. We’re then within the 12 months 2000.

She knowingly does the alternative of what Lionel Jospin asks of her…

Its Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin, needs this vitality to be categorised within the class: “vitality of the long run” and to have the ability to escape the penalties affecting gasoline, oil and coal. France and Nice Britain are the 2 nuclear nations of a continent that’s in any other case fairly reserved on the difficulty.

It’s subsequently a query, neither extra nor much less, than defending the legacy of Common de Gaulle and Georges Pompidou; this nuclear vitality which allowed the French to reap the benefits of low-cost, impartial, secure vitality… and which doesn’t devour CO2². Whereas our nuclear fleet is immediately in nice problemafter years of erratic small-time administration, we measure the luxurious that this nice alternative constituted.

Let’s come again to this Brussels negotiation. Dominique Voynet, then a easy minister, is subsequently imagined to act in accordance with the opinion of his authorities.

For her, it is Chinese language. Within the secrecy of Brussels, it’s going to just do the alternative, as a fervent opponent of nuclear energy.

The unusual delight of a minister

Dominique Voynet makes no secret of it. Within the documentary she launches, courageous and decided: “I had obtained a mandate to do all the things in order that nuclear energy shouldn’t be excluded from this checklist. [celle des énergies d’avenir]. I had subsequently left for Brussels dragging my toes a little bit and I met my English counterpart, who advised me that he had obtained the identical mandate”. On the sly together with her counterpart, additionally against nuclear energy, she decides to misinform her personal authorities. Dominique Voynet calls Matignon and declares “to be remoted”. She continues: “The English are going to allow us to go. In entrance of the digicam, she sneers. “For France, being remoted in Europe is unimaginable…”. His British counterpart is enjoying the identical sport, on the opposite aspect, with London on the road… The representatives of two pro-nuclear nations are thus enjoying a private… anti-nuclear card!

“Once I acquired residence, I could not brag, I needed to look sorry…”, concludes Mrs. Voynet in nice cynicism, visibly proud to have betrayed the belief of her personal authorities.

A reasonably severe matter which Dominique Voynet will in the future have to elucidate. The president of the group Les Républicains within the Meeting, Olivier Marleixfalling, amazed, on this video, determined to crack down… “Mrs. Dominique Voynet must come in the future to elucidate herself” hilarious “earlier than the Court docket of Justice of the Republic”, declares the elected consultant of Eure-et-Loir. Of which act. The one who tries to return to politics she has simply been elected regional secretary of Europe Écologie-Les Verts in Franche-Comté – her new life is off to a foul begin…

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