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Construction coming to Atwood, tender awarded for Line 89, restricting left turns on Wellington, Ag Society Fair parade mapped

NORTH PERTH – The North Perth council meeting on May 2 saw a number of high-ticket items on the agenda. Including, but not limited to, construction coming to Atwood, South Bruce’s tender for Line 89 accepted, traffic changes coming to Wellington Street, and the Agricultural Society’s annual fair parade mapped and approved.

Corridor Improvements coming to Atwood

Council approved the MTO’s three-lane concept request in Atwood. The proposed concept stretches from Newry to Line 84 and has numerous benefits, chiefly being to install a “municipal water main in the developed portion of Atwood.” Lyndon Kowch, manager of operations, said about the installation of a water main:

“There’s no service along there now. It’s a gap and it’s a gap that needs to be filled today, now, prior to the ministry resurfacing because it’ll be many, many years or decades before they’re back to do work. So the opportunity is nigh.”

Broken into three sections, the first, from Monument Road to John Street, will:

Maintain existing road width;

Provide a boulevard for snow storage and pedestrian safety on both sides;

Provide adequate space for installation of water main on east side;

Have accessible sidewalks constructed on both sides of the corridor.

The second section is from John Street to Arthur Street. It will:

Provide boulevard for snow storage and pedestrian safety on both sides;

Provide PXO for pedestrians in Arthur Street area (requested);

Provide adequate space for installation of water main;

Have accessible sidewalk on both sides of the corridor;

Provide more accessible store frontages in the corridor;

Remove hydro poles and bury all utilities;

Upgrade street lighting.

Arthur Street to south limits of Atwood, the third section, will:

Provide boulevard for snow storage and pedestrian safety on both sides;

Provide PXO for pedestrians in EMCC area;

Provide adequate space for installation of water mains to service residences;

Provide accessible sidewalk on both sides of the corridor;

Provide 2.5-meter bike lanes on both sides along the highway.

Major Todd Kasenberg brought up concerns with construction years spilling over into a second. Kowch explained that they hope the work can be maintained within a single season.

“Once they have a consultant we’d attempt to work on the coordination of timing,” he said. “So that it’s not as disruptive for the community and you’re not digging twice in two separate years.”

Chip and seal pavement preservation program tender approved

North Perth accepted a tender approval by South Bruce in a joint project coming to Line 89 from Road 165 to Road 178. South Bruce and North Perth are not the only municipalities involved with the “chip and seal pavement preservation program” – Morris Turnberry is also involved.

Tenders for the project opened on April 1. Three bids came, the lowest being from Walker Construction Limited from Niagara Falls. Their bid, $116,926.25, comes under the municipality’s budget of $124,000.

Kowch noted that this program is considered a short-term solution, but it is worth it.

“It buys a few years of life to that surface prior to heavy cracking, crack sealing and pothole repair,” he said. “And that’s all it does.

“So it is considered a short-term solution to extend life for the road… there’s some reflective cracking that comes through, but it’s better than leaving them the way they were. They need some help and this gives them some provision for help.”

I have noted that before construction begins, they will be speaking with residents and updating the municipality’s website.

Left turn on Wellington Ave. S. limited

After a study that started in September of last year, council voted to “approve the restriction of a left turn for northbound traffic from Wellington Avenue South onto Main Street East from 7 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. ”

Salvani Consulting Inc. began the process, giving a presentation on the matter. After a trial period in the fall, the study was extended into the winter to see how it functions in the winter.

Kowch, presenting the findings of the study, said that they “don’t list specific alternate routes” and that commuters will find their way when the changes are put in place.

I have noted that there are a few different routes they could take.

He also noted that the price to implement signage is negligible and, in consulting with police, the restriction is enforceable.

Ag. Society annual parade mapped and approved

The Agricultural Society requested, and was approved, to have its annual parade for the fair on July 14 at 7 pm this year. The parade will leave from Livingstone Park and head north to Main Street. From there they will go from Main to Maitland Avenue, to Clayton Street East, to Tremaine Avenue, before ending at the fairgrounds’ south gate.

Mayor Kasenberg remarked, “Happy Agricultural Society, happy community,” after a motion was put together and passed unanimously.


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