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Captain Marvel: the hidden particulars of the Marvel film

Uncover the secrets and techniques and particulars hidden within the movie “Captain Marvel”, concerning the ultra-powerful superheroine of the Marvel universe.

Captain Marvel airs tonight on TF1. This Marvel superhero movie chronicles the beginnings of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, a personality with phenomenal powers who would later play a pivotal function within the Avengers’ combat in opposition to the dreaded Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. That is his first solo movie.


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Maria Rambeau has the pilot’s nickname “Photon”, which is a reference to her daughter, Monica Rambeau, who we see as a toddler within the movie (within the guise of Akira Akbar) and who we uncover as an grownup in WandaVision, performed by Teyonah Parris. On this collection, she develops powers just like these of the comics, these of the superheroine Photon, often known as Pulsar and… Captain Marvel II.

Cameos and a drama

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The 2 males within the foreground are the 2 consultants on the movie’s aviation scenes: Stephen Del Bagno aka Cajun and Matthew Kimmel aka Spider, two actual pilots. Del Bagno died through the filming of Captain Marvel, his digital camera crashed throughout a coaching mission in April 2018. The movie is made for him.

Lieutenant Hassle

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In the course of the flashback, Carol Danvers nicknames Monica (within the authentic model) “Lieutenant Hassle”, which is a reference to the comics, during which Carol calls Package Renner, the daughter of her good friend Marina. Within the French model, this nickname is translated “Lieutenant Rebelle”.

Schwarzy beheaded!

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Pondering he heard a noise, Captain Marvel fired one in all his {powerful} beams by means of the shop window, shattering an commercial for the motion film True Lies, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, launched a 12 months earlier than the occasions of the movie, in 1994.

Toy Story

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Carol then requires assist “Star Command” together with her built-in radio, a reference to the group for which Buzz Lightyear works in Toy Story, an animated movie launched in 1995, the 12 months during which the Marvel function movie takes place. .


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Within the Blockbuster retailer, Carol picks up a field containing The Proper Stuff in VO, a movie concerning the first seven astronauts, whose future was intimately linked to that of the area conquest.

A translator deja vu

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Carol Danvers has a common translation implant that permits her to be understood by all of the beings she may meet within the galaxy. This software can be possessed by Peter Quill aka Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy. For the document, The person to whom the superheroine speaks is performed by Barry Curtis, the top of safety on all Marvel movies since Iron Man 2.

Literary cameo

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The actress who judges Captain Marvel’s look through the subway scene is none apart from Kelly Sue DeConnick, creator of quite a few comics, together with a number of devoted to the superheroine. She labored as a guide on the function movie.

An enormous mistake

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On this laptop display, Carol Danvers looked for the phrase “Pegasus” and among the many outcomes it says that the pegasus “appeared within the Disney film Hercules”. A enjoyable nod if it was not a chronological error, since Hercules was launched in 1997, two years BEFORE the plot of Captain Marvel.

Stan Lee’s (shifting) cameo

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That is Stan Lee’s first cameo to air after his dying in 2018. He’ll reappear within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Endgame. He reads the script for Mallrats (Les Glandeurs en VF), a movie by Kevin Smith during which Stan Lee made a cameo in 1995. Very meta!

A face already seen

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Essentially the most observant followers could have acknowledged that actor Nelson Franklin beforehand appeared in season 3 of the Marvel collection Brokers of SHIELD, during which he performed Steve Wilson, a member of the Superior Risk Containment Unit when the physique is introduced take care of the Inhumans.

Skrull Fiction

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When Talos infiltrates the Rambeaus’ farm, he sips a straw drink from a goblet harking back to Jules Winnfield’s in Pulp Fiction within the well-known “Large Kahuna Burger” scene. And naturally, Samuel L. Jackson is in each movies!

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When Carol tries out costume colours, the primary attempt leads to a mixture of crimson and gold resembling DC Comics hero Shazam’s costume, which was initially known as…Captain Marvel!


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This cat which isn’t one hides a flerken, an alien species which has the looks of the Earth cat. Their mouths are stuffed with tentacles with small dimensional pouches, explaining how Nick Fury’s cat was capable of choose up and swallow the Tesseract.

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