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Calls to increase Jobseeker and rent assistance grow as cost of living arises ahead of federal election

Jennifer Scattini hardly leaves her house and it is not because she is antisocial or anxious about going outside.

The pensioner simply does not have any money left after paying for rent, groceries, bills and diabetes medication out of her fortnightly income of $1,133.

“The only reason I stay home is because if you stay home, you don’t spend anything,” she says.

“And I am wondering how many other people are locked in their house.”

Ms Scattini, who described the rising cost of living as “very scary”, has calculated her weekly shop down to the last dollar, but still goes to bed hungry most nights.

Jennifer Scattini tries to cook in bulk and freeze meals to keep costs down. (ABC NewsClaire Moodie)

The 73-year-old tries to stay on a healthy diet to manage her diabetes but struggles to afford fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ms Scattini, who lives on the coast south of Perth, was already struggling to make ends meet living on the pension before her rent went up to $640 a fortnight.


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