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Business schools: where are the international campuses located?

INTERACTIVE MAP. Staying abroad remains a must for business schools. More than ever, students want to rub shoulders with this formative experience. And some schools offer you to do it without leaving the establishment thanks to their international campuses. L’Etudiant takes you on a world tour of the campuses of French business schools abroad, map in hand.

After the cancellations of departures abroad that we have experienced for students over the past two years, the dream of an international face-to-face stay thrills young people more than ever. And business schools have understood this. Many have been offering campuses abroad for their students for several years. Several of them also plan to open campuses at different times.

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New international campuses for EM Normandie, Audencia, ESSCA, or ESDES

Yes the projects of certain business schools have been slowed down by the health crisis, others are continuing to develop and continue to open new campuses outside France. This is the case of EM Normandie, which plans to open two campuses on two different continents. The first will see the light of day at the start of the 2022 academic year and will be located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The second will open its doors in 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). 500 students should be welcomed in Dubai and more than 1,000 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Other campuses abroad are also announced by medium-term business schools. Audencia thus plans to open a campus in São Paulo (Brazil) in 2022 and a new campus in Shanghai (China), before 2025. Essca and Esdes also wish to find new horizons outside France d 2025. Skema, which already has four international campuses, plans to set up in India, Russia and Australia…

In which countries and cities are the overseas campuses of French business schools located?

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Many business schools historically present on the five continents

Several management schools have put down their suitcases in Asia and especially in China, and have been for years. This is the case for Audencia in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Beijing. Capital where Excelia and Grenoble EM are also located. In Shanghai, emlyon (also present in India in Bhubaneswar), ESCE, Essca, ICD and Kedge have also established themselves. Not far from there, in Suzhou, the latter school has another campus, near Skema. And Singapore hosts Edhec, Essec and Grenoble EM, also present in Hong Kong.

On the American continent, the United States remains an essential destination : three institutions have settled in San Francisco: ESCE, Inseec and EBS. And the choice of New York prevailed for Excelia, while the IMT-BS chose Blacksburg and Skema, Raleigh. At the start of the 2022 school year, this last school will no longer be the only one present in South America (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), since Audencia is establishing itself more strongly in São Paulo (Brazil), as mentioned above.

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In Europe, you are spoiled for choice. England is the preferred country for French management schools : EDHEC, ESCP, Inseec, EBS and ESCE are located in London while the EM Normandie campus is in Oxford. Two establishments have planted their flag on Irish soil, in Dublin : ICD and EM Normandie.

Germany hosts three schools : in Berlin, the ESCP and the INC have settled, also present in Nuremberg. EM Strasbourg is setting up in September 2022 on the other side of the border in Kehl. In Spain, EDC and Toulouse BS elected Barcelona and ESCP Madrid. And it’s in Geneva, Switzerland, concentrated on the Swiss campuses of EBS, EDC and Inseec.

With ESCP, you can also study in Turin (Italy) or in Warsaw (Poland). Essca, for its part, offers a Hungarian experience, in Budapest. And to leave closer to France, aim Belgium and the Brussels branch of Istec or monaco where is the Inseec.

Africa is no exception : Skema chose Stellenbosch (South Africa) while Kedge and Montpellier BS are at Dakar (Senegal), and SCBS in Yaoundé (Cameroon). At MoroccoEssec and EDC are in Rabat while emlyon and Toulouse BS elected Casablanca.

If you notice a lack or inaccuracy, do not hesitate to contact us to improve this map. It will be updated as new campuses are created.

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International mobility on the campus of your school in a multicultural setting

Sometimes already multi-campus in France, these business schools choose to extend beyond our borders, which simplifies the procedures for mobility during your studies.. You will be able to expatriate while keeping your bearings and most often finding a familiar pedagogy and a program consistent with that followed in France… and at better controlled rates than for a simple exchange.

Some establishments place their international campuses at the heart of pedagogy : ESCP bachelors and, since 2021, Skema offer students a course where each of the three years takes place in a different country.

Most often, these international campuses do not only welcome French people, but many students from the host country, and other internationals. You will therefore be immersed in a multicultural environment.

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Partnerships or associated campuses, other modalities for international experience in business schools

And if the international tempts you but you are aiming for schools other than those mentioned, other methods exist: all the schools offer exchanges with international partner establishmentsfor an even more complete immersion in your host country.

Some have strengthened partnershipssuch as Ipag in Kunming (China) and Riverside (United States) or associated campuses such as Idrac (Barcelona and Santander in Spain, Cork and Dublin in Ireland, Brno in the Czech Republic but also New York, Toronto and Beijing) – a formula halfway between the campus itself and academic exchange.

So many formulas that allow you to throw yourself into the big international swim, with the certainty of a complete dive into another culture.

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