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Boyard case: Cyril Hanouna’s set is a black gap that devours every part

We’ve not completed messing round with the Hanouna affair. How else? We are able to certainly solely “fiddle” to wish to analyze the “mess up” in chief of “Touche pas à mon poste”. These claimed and self-sustaining “bullshit” are usually not easy slippages, sequences roughly calibrated to shock and stimulate the viewers.

“Messing round” just isn’t for Cyril Hanouna to make a mistake or defy a ban. It’s a modus operandi which has change into dominant and which presides over exchanges within the media or social networks. “To fiddle” is to push again the frontier of what’s sayable in public debate.

Spiral of Discredit

Outrage is a part of it. It underlines this border, it indicators that it has been crossed. As roughly consenting gamers in digital life, we’re not solely “taken at our phrase” however “caught within the conflict” by the Hanouna system, swept away within the spiral of discredit which sways causes and legitimacies and which ruins the very area during which our indignation may achieve a foothold, set up its legitimacy.

The conflict between the host of TPMP and the deputy Louis Boyard now goes past its solely protagonists. The fireplace that broke out on the C8 set on November 10 unfold in a short time past the Boulogne-Billancourt studios to the benches of the Nationwide Meeting, social networks and the media. Arcom, the regulatory authority for audiovisual communication, discovered itself bombarded with studies. She has simply put TPMP on discover within the therapy of Lola’s demise.

The Hanouna affair has been self-sustaining for per week. Cleverly utilized by the host, who has widened the circle of his assaults to his many opponents, the affair feeds the affair, the scandal stirs up the scandal. This system now finds its materials, its topics, its targets, its controversies, in itself or relatively in itself.

Hanouna has change into the topic of dialog, in a type of egotistical accomplishment, narcissistic overstatement and self-devouring. The enterprise continues to swell, fed by its personal droppings. It’s turning into the magnifying mirror of the deterioration of public debate and the disaster of illustration. It may well not be confined to an remoted skid, it’s a departure from the highway of the whole media system, a collective stampede of all its actors.

As in wrestling, the sport is to fake

The incident would not be price dwelling on if it weren’t for the chance to replicate on what’s at stake in one of these program, its rationality and its effectiveness, its grip, what one may name the “Baba mannequin”. The “conflict” conceived as a simulated confrontation, obeying each the rhetorical determine of hyperbole and the scenography of fight is the gas of this actuality TV program, constructed on the mannequin of wrestling.

As a result of as Roland Barthes mentioned, wrestling just isn’t a sport, it is a present. And actuality TV is the precise transposition. Within the ring, there are usually not wrestlers, as in boxing or martial arts, however cut up characters, who simulate antagonistic values, frankness and duplicity, loyalty and betrayal, obedience and transgression, sincerity and concealment.

As in wrestling, the sport consists of pretending, of overplaying roles and attributes. Conventional wrestling characters are caricatures that surprisingly evoke the world of Hanouna. The nasty immigrant, ungrateful together with his new dwelling, the effeminate wrestler fleeing cowardly in case of hazard, and the unhealthy, unscrupulous billionaire, who flaunts his fortune and buys individuals off. Right here, we play “who loses wins” his legitimacy.

The facility of performative transgression

Fairly than being indignant at every manifestation of this systemic bullshit, it’s a query of understanding the mechanics at work on this unusual and mysterious, and if you’ll, fascinating energy of performative transgression. Not Hanouna and its present, however Hanounesque as a type of grotesque hegemony over minds.

This grotesque energy fills the eagerness of disoriented crowds for nonsense. All that may be mentioned about it’s that all over the place in Western democracies it takes the type of an influence that establishes its legitimacy in a paradoxical method, not on the credit score it conjures up however on the discredit that he feeds.

A ritual of belittlement particular to hazing scenes, however which takes on a specific which means on display: the hazing right here is the politician who must be delegitimized.

The battle of Hanouna has nothing to do with a battle of Hernani opposing the ancients and the moderns, the despised individuals and the elites minimize off from actuality; it’s a jostle of motive, a confused melee which opposes the dupes and the non-dupes, the naive and the cynics, the alleged actors of the cultural battle and the performers of the scores, those that work to rework any dialogue in a media guerrilla for the management of the attentions. The measure of its success is scores. The technique of this success is extra. This success shouldn’t be restricted by ethical or political concerns, nor by exterior guidelines, for the reason that nerve of this warfare for scores is exactly to transgress them.

On the coronary heart of the machine stands Hanouna the magnetic, disloyal referee, hero and jester, supervisor and actor of a efficiency which has no different objective than to draw like a magnet the dispersed particles of the politico-media area, the fanzounes, its hyperconnected rank and file. He cajoles them and electrifies them, summons them and disperses them, tribe of the publish untouchable, because the title of the present proclaims. However it’s not simply the “publish” that’s untouchable now, it is itself, it alone! Ecce Hanouna!

Narrative stress juggler

His nostril on his smartphone, which shows the viewers figures for his present minute by minute, he navigates on sight. The display is his compass! He chooses the rhythms, modulates the pace, decides to cut back or delay a sequence, and even create a bang if the viewers frays, as one flies with devices in an airplane when visibility is diminished.

Hanouna is a juggler of narrative stress. His present is punctuated with loopy scenes, gratuitous humiliations, overplayed insults, degrading performances, as if tv legitimacy was acquired at the price of assumed and staged disgrace.

Ritual of belittlement particular to hazing scenes however which takes on a specific which means on display: the hazing right here is the politician who must be delegitimized. Hanouna went as far as to oppose the viewers to the election, the 2 million every day viewers of his present to the a number of thousand voters of MP Boyard. TPMP is the scene of a battle between two sources of legitimacy: democracy and the media, the vote and the viewers. Who legitimizes whom?

Devour Logic

Hanouna Plateau just isn’t a discussion board. It is a black gap. Its actual objective is to not change opinions or arguments, however to stop any change, to cut back any dialogue to a storm of insults and provocations. It’s not a query of convincing and even of seducing, however of browsing on the discredit of political speech. Logic of devouring which has taken the place of democratic deliberation.

Collection black-mirror had prefigured it within the pig scene entitled “Nationwide Anthem” the place we see the British Prime Minister compelled to fuck a sow reside on tv, to avoid wasting the crown princess of the British royal household kidnapped and brought hostage by a terrorist group. The terrorist was just one carry out who noticed on this efficiency geared toward degrading the picture of politics the best murals of the twenty firste century. Hanouna didn’t want such a declare to blow reside within the ass of a canine.

This success shouldn’t be restricted by ethical or political concerns, nor by exterior guidelines, for the reason that nerve of this warfare for scores is exactly to transgress them.

What the Boyard-Hanouna confrontation dropped at mild was the monopoly exercised by Hanouna over public debate. It’s this monopoly that the younger deputy wavered by announcing the identify of Bolloré. He stole the hearth of transgression. He unmasked the prohibition within the realm of everything-is-permitted.

Similar modus operandi as Musk

On the easy pronouncement of the identify of Bolloré on his set, Hanouna reared up and got here out of his hinges. All of a sudden, the untouchable materialized, took on a face. That is the large distinction between Bolloré and Elon Musk: one hides behind his clown, whereas Musk assumes the dangers of his antics brazenly.

However the process is similar. After the captains of trade of commercial capitalism, listed below are the libertarians who abhor any concept of ​​financial, social and political regulation. Their style for transgression has no different which means. Therefore the carnivalesque character of the dispute, which all over the place adopts the type of a burlesque dance of billionaires.

Elon Musk is the figurehead, the king of nonsense (“Baloney King”, in accordance with The Atlantic journal). Columnist Ian Bogost calls them “bullionaires”. After bullshit jobs, bullshit billionaires! Musk, who simply restored Trump’s Twitter account, did not provide to rename Twitter ‘Titter’?

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