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Arrival of John Textor: an enterprise value of OL Groupe estimated at 798 million euros on July 1, 2022

Yesterday, Olympique Lyonnais announced, following a meeting of its board of directors, exclusive negotiations with John Textor and his holding company Eagle Football Holdings LLC regarding the acquisition of a majority stake in OL Groupe, followed by a simplified mandatory takeover bid.

In detail, OL Groupe specifies that the discussions relate to the acquisition of all the shares and 50% of the OSRANE (subordinated bonds redeemable in new or existing shares) held by Holest (holding of Jean-Michel Aulas) and all of the shares and OSRANE held by Pathé, SOJER and OJEJ (companies linked to Jérôme Seydoux, collectively “Pathe”) and IDG European Sports Investment Limited (“IDG Capital”).

At the same time, a friendly takeover bid will be launched at a price of €3 per share and €265.57 per OSRANE, “possibly followed, if the conditions are met, by a squeeze-out, corresponding to an enterprise value of OL Groupe estimated at 798 million euros on July 1, 2022 and 884 million euros after the increase in capital “.

OL Groupe specifies that this reserved capital increase would therefore amount to around €86 million (issue premium included).

“The project that I discovered in Lyon with Jean-Michel Aulas and all his teams will be at the epicenter of our new organization and our investments in the service of world football. Olympique Lyonnais will be the cornerstone of our project,” explains John Textor, in a statement. ” I intend, with the support of Jean-Michel and his teams, to bring out the values ​​of development and self-improvement for which I have always been committed. I want to give all the fans of Olympique Lyonnais the additional means so that the institution can regain the highest level, in France and in Europe, while respecting the values ​​of OL’s DNA such as youth, work, self-sacrifice and this spirit which allows all the talents of the whole world to have access to the high level thanks to our involvement in the academies. Seen from the United States, OL is the ideal platform for making football a success story”.

A press conference in the presence of Jean-Michel Aulas and John Textor will take place this Tuesday June 21, 2022 at 4 p.m. in the auditorium of Groupama Stadium.

Evolution of the OL Groupe share price over the past year

Over the past ten years, OL Groupe has succeeded in diversifying its activities with a multifunctional stadium, an OL Vallée living space, a shareholding in the Tony Parker LDLC ASVEL basketball team and the future indoor arena.

“With this project, Olympique Lyonnais is opening a new chapter in its formidable history. For 35 years, my desire has always been to make Olympique Lyonnais a unique model in football, combining sporting and economic success. Our professional football and basketball teams, OL Reign, our mixed Academy, Groupama Stadium, as well as the construction of the new LDLC Arena within OL Vallée are already strong markers of OL Groupe’s ambitions.” added Jean-Michel Aulas. “The sudden departure of Pathé and IDG nevertheless allows the arrival of John Textor, capable of accompanying and supporting these same ambitions. This new shareholder will be an accelerator for our current and future projects. I am proud and happy to continue, with the support of John Textor, to write the future of Olympique Lyonnais. »

As a reminder, Jean-Michel recently celebrated his 35th birthday at the head of Olympique Lyonnais. With the future transaction, Jean-Michel Aulas would retain his mandate as CEO for at least 3 years, “with the support of the entire current management team and the Company’s Executive Committee which would remain unchanged”. Jean-Michel Aulas would also join the management of Eagle Football to support its development and that of all the clubs in which Eagle Football holds a stake (40% in Crystal Palace Football Club, 90% in Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and 80% in Racing White Daring Molenbeek). Also announced is the continued presence of Holnest on the board of directors of OL Groupe with 2 director seats and 4 non-voting observer seats for at least 3 years.

OL Groupe postpones its objectives by a year

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, OL Groupe continued its “Full entertainment” investments in the living environment “OL Valley” located next to the stadium.

the 23,000 m2 leisure center was inaugurated on June 9, 2021 and 17 operating brands now offer catering, recreational, sports (padel and indoor surfing) and cultural spaces.

The new “OL Vallée Arena” enclosure, the design/construction of which has been entrusted to the POPULOUS consortium (architect) and CITINEA, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction France, should represent an investment of approximately €141 million.

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Thus, OL Groupe announced a few months ago that its objective of €400 to €420m in revenue from activities (including player trading) could be reached with a lag of about a year, i.e. at the end of the 2024/25 season (compared to 2023/24 previously).

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