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All 18 DC TV Shows Releasing After The Batman

In addition to a handful of movies, more than a dozen TV shows based on DC Comics are coming after TheBatman. Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated batman movie is proving to be a noteworthy start to 2022 for DC’s movie slate, but that only accounts for some of the content it’s offering in the near future. Through The CW, Cartoon Network, and HBO Max, DC has 17 shows currently in development.

whereas batman kicked off DC’s movie schedule for 2022, peacemaker became their first new show of the year for DC. Acting as a spinoff series to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, peacemaker stood in contrast to previous shows by consistently reminding viewers of its place in the DCEU through references to existing heroes and some unexpected cameos. The eight-episode series’ success on HBO Max secured the show a second season on the streaming service.


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Peacemaker is only the first of many shows to arrive in the future, though admittedly most are at least several months out. As things stand, DC already has a packed lineup of shows across multiple platforms. aside from peacemakerseveral Arrowverse shows, Pennyworth, titansand Doom Patrol are all currently running, That number will rise even further the years to come. Here’s every upcoming TV show releasing after batman.

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Logo

The CW will attempt to expand its Arrowverse roster with Gotham Knights, a show from Greg Berlanti which will unite a team of characters from Batman’s corner of the DC Universe. The team will be led by Batman’s “rebellious adopted son“, who will be forced to work with some of his father’s enemies when the Caped Crusader is murdered. Despite being set in the Arrowverse with bat-woman, Gotham Knights is not being described as a spinoff of the latter show. A pilot has been ordered, which is scheduled to film in April 2022. Since that’s the case, Gotham Knights has the potential to air by the end of the year (if The CW picks it up).

My Adventures With Superman

A collaboration between The Cartoon Network and HBO Max will give the Man of Steel a brand-new animated series. My Adventures With Superman will explore the lives of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen in the early years of their journalism careers at the Daily Planet. Clark and Lois will be voiced by Jack Quaid and Alice Lee respectively. Characters designs have been revealed, but the voice cast hasn’t been officially finalized yet, nor has there been a trailer.

Untitled Suicide Squad Spinoff

Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2 and Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad

There’s no official word on what it will be yet, but a second Suicide Squad spinoff is in the works at HBO Max. While peacemaker was in the midst of its first season, Gunn mentioned that he was working on another show in the same universe, leading to speculation that it will follow one of the other surviving team members. Candidates for this role include Idris Elba’s Bloodsport and Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher 2.

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Green Lantern


Expected to begin production sometime in the spring is HBO Max’s Green Lantern Show. After years of trying to get a movie off the ground, DC is now focused on making a TV series about not one, but several heroes who have carried the Green Lantern mantle. Alan Scott (the Golden Age version of the hero), Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Guy Gardner will all be featured in the story as Green Lanterns. The live-action show’s first season will be comprised of ten episodes. Jeremy Irvine has been cast as Scott, while Finn Wattrock will play Gardner.

Strange Adventures

Adam Strange DC

HBO Max is developing its first-ever anthology series with Strange Adventures, which shares its title with a comic book series about DC’s space-faring hero, Adam Strange. The show is believed to include him as a central character. The show was announced in October 2019, but since there hasn’t been much news about its progress, it’s not altogether clear if it’s still part of DC’s plans.

Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark comic image.

As their name implies, Justice League Dark is a team of heroes whose stories lean into darker territory than characters like the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Their roster also consists largely of characters from the mystical side of the DC Universe, such as John Constantine, Deadman, Madame Xanadu, Zatanna, and more. JJ Abrams and Ben Stephenson will executive produce a live-action adaptation of the comic for HBO Max.


Constantine DC Comics Magic

Several years after the chain-smoking supernatural detective led his own show on NBC for one season, DC will create a new version of the character and once again make him the protagonist of a solo series. Since Abrams is involved, it appears HBO Max’s Constantine show will be tied to Justice League Darkpossibly as a spinoff about one of its team members.

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madam x

Madame Xanadu DC Comics

Apparently, Constantine won’t be the only Justice League Dark hero getting their own spinoff series on HBO Max. Abrams and Angela Robinson are also working on madam x for the streaming service. In DC Comics, Madame Xanadu is an immortal fortune teller whose origin is steeped in Arthurian lore. Since very little details have been revealed and was said to be early development last summer, it makes sense that the show won’t arrive until after Justice League Dark.


DC is currently developing two projects focused on Black Supermen. One is a big-screen movie, while the other is a TV show centered on Val-Zod, an alternate universe superhero who becomes his world’s Superman. Michael B. Jordan, who may or may not be playing Val-Zod, is attached as producer. Like so many other upcoming TV shows, Val-Zod’s solo series will be an HBO Max original.


Batwheels Batmobile

An animated DC series targeted at a young audience is coming to HBO Max and Cartoon Network in the form of batwheels. With Ethan Hawke voicing the Dark Knight, batwheels will introduce preschool-aged viewers to a cast of Batman’s vehicles, including the Batmobile, the Bat Truck, the Batgirl Cycle, and more. The show is expected to premiere in 2022.

Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins To Shine

Teen Titans Go The Night Begins to Shine

HBO Max and Cartoon Network are partnering up to create a new series about the heroes of the Teen Titans Go! cartoon. Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven will all be back for The Night Begins to Shine, a spinoff set in the musical world of the same name. The place was visited by the team in previous episodes of the main show.

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Batman: Caped Crusader

Batman Caped Crusader

Adding to the growing list of collaborations between HBO Max and Cartoon Network is Batman: Caped Crusader, which will release in 2023. From Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams, the animated series will be a reimaging of the Batman story. Comic book writer Ed Brubaker, known for his celebrated runs on titles like Batman and Captain Americais the lead writer for all ten episodes in Batman: Caped Crusader season 1

Dead Boy Detectives

A group of characters created by Neil Gaiman who appeared in DC’s Doom Patrol show will star in a new show from HBO Max. A pilot has been ordered for Dead Boy Detectives, which is a story about two ghost children who remain on Earth to investigate mysteries. Since DC has recast the characters, Dead Boy Detectives may not count as a Doom Patrol spinoff. The pilot will star George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, and Kassius Nelson.

Gotham P.D.

Similar to how Gunn made peacemaker despues de Suicide SquadMatt Reeves will follow up his Batman movie with an HBO Max spinoff set in its world. For Gotham P.S., Jim Gordon will take center stage in a series that explores the corruption in Gotham’s police department. The prequel series is expected to see The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright reprise his role as Gordon.


Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Colin Farrell The Batman

DC won’t stop at Gotham P.D. when it comes to batman spinoffs. HBO Max is also getting Penguin, a TV show that will show how Colin Farrell’s Oswalt Cobblepott became such a powerful crime boss in Gotham. Based on these details, it’s possible that like Gotham P.D.DC’s Penguin show will be a prequel to Reeves’ movie.

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DC Superhero High

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are in the process of developing DC Superhero High, which will be a live-action, half-hour comedy. The HBO Max original series will tell the stories of teenage would-be superheroes attending a metahuman school. DC has yet to disclose details on which characters will appear in the show, but the expectation is that they’ll be younger versions of established heroes from DC Comics.

Justice U

The Arrowverse could get their own teenage superhero series through JusticeU, which has received a pilot order at The CW. The series will be headlined by David Ramsey, who played John Diggle in all eight seasons of Arrow. Most recently, he’s made guest appearances in other Arrowverse shows. In Justice Uthe high-ranking ARGUS official will return to train five young metahumans and assign them to work undercover at a prestigious university.

Arkham Asylum Spinoff

The gate to Arkham Asylum.

In a recent interview, batman director Matt Reeves briefly made note of a third spinoff. According to him, the planned show will connect with Arkham Asylum, the mental intuition that houses many of Batman’s most dangerous villains. This place is an important corner of the DC Universe comics, as well the focus of a series of Batman video games.

DC Movies Releasing After The Batman

Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Black Adam

In terms of DC content, audiences have much to look forward to, and that’s not just due to the 17 TV shows in development. A multitude of movies will be hitting theaters (and HBO Max) in 2022, 2023, and later. Some have confirmed release dates, while others are still a long way off. Here’s all the movies DC has planned after batman.

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  • Black Adam (2022)Release date: Oct 21, 2022
  • DC League of Super-Pets (2022)Release date: Jul 29, 2022
  • Flash (2023)Release date: June 23, 2023
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023)Release date: Mar 17, 2023
  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2022)Release date: Dec 21, 2022
  • Blue Beetle (2023)Release date: Aug 18, 2023

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