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Actors and aids for setting up internationally

To develop the competitiveness and visibility of French companies internationally, aid and organizations dedicated to international affairs have been grouped together. They offer a range of products and services to companies that allow you not to get lost on the road and the twists and turns of the international market.

Competent actors

BUSINESS FRANCE, the agency dedicated to international development

This structure was born from the merger of the French Agency for International Investments (AFii) and UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development. It has been operational since January 1, 2015. Business France is a national public operator serving the internationalization offrench economy. It enhances and promotes the attractiveness of the offer of France, its companies and its territories. The agency accompanies French and international companies until the realization of their projects.

Thanks to a network and a team of 1,500 professionals in the field in France (specialized by areas of expertise and sectors of activity), and in 92 countries, Business France intervenes from the operational set-up of actions to their long-term monitoring. .

The 4 main missions of Business France are as follows:

  • Assist in the international development of SMEs and ETIs and their exports
  • Prospect and welcome foreign investors in France
  • Promote the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its territories
  • Manage and develop International Volunteering in Companies (VIE)

Official website: Business France

Essential support: the 2019 France Export Program

This is a set of collective trade promotion operations, which allow companies to benefit from logistical and financial support. 600 actions are on the program for 2019. To define the content of its program, the Business France agency relies on a certain number of partners: the CCIs, the international CCI, ADPETA (Association for the Development of International Product Exchanges and Food Processing Techniques) supported by chambers of agriculture, SOPEXA (food, beverages, nutrition-health), as well as numerous professional federations and private partners.

What types of events are selected?

Business meetings, symposiums, discovery missions, exhibitions, forums, international fairs… all forms of events are offered by major sector of activity and by geographical area and/or country.

The events take place under the common “France” flag, but companies and brands can display their identity individually. The program also details all the French fairs which are open internationally.

To access the printable version of the France Export Program 2019 The Chambers of Commerce and Industry, an experience. They help direct your business idea to relevant partners. They provide essential international support with

  • 600 experts in international development,
  • 123 French CCIs abroad which act as relays in 92 countries,
  • through the close link with Business France on the national territory,
  • through the partnership with regional export Opens,
  • thanks to the 18 Country Support Clubs,
  • 1000 operations including 700 “Country Days” to learn about foreign markets.

Coface, flawless export protection

Coface has evolved in all of its responsibilities and since the end of 2016 has been tasked with offering credit insurance and solutions for managing your receivables with business partners. Any company, whatever its size or sector of activity, must protect its domestic or export transactions against the risk of non-payment. Coface offers adapted, global or tailor-made credit insurance solutions: commercial and/or political risk insurance in the short, medium and long term. All warranties can be combined with each other to facilitate safe trade.

Bpifrance, financial aid to support the international

Bpifrance is a financial company because it does not have a banking license. Since 1er January 2017, Bpifrance Assurance Export, a subsidiary of Bpifrance SA, manages public export guarantees in the name, on behalf of and under the control of the State pursuant to art L 432-2 of the insurance code . All of the “State guarantees for export” activity, which was managed by COFACE on behalf of the State, was transferred to a new Bpifrance subsidiary created for this purpose: Bpifrance Assurance Export. One of Bpifrance’s priority missions is to support companies abroad, in particular with “Bpifrance export”, which brings together under the same label the public bodies responsible for supporting companies (SMEs and ETIs) in exporting, in particular Business France (formerly UBIFRANCE) and COFACEThis organization now brings together OSEO, CDC Entreprises, FSI and FSI Régions to offer, in all regions, financing solutions adapted to each stage of a company’s life. of Bpifrance on July 12, 2013 OSEO became Bpifrance Financement. A public institution placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (General Directorate of the Treasury) and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, OSEO is invested with a mission of general interest: to support innovation and the growth of SMEs, finance and support these SMEs, the engine of growth and business creation, in support of national and regional policies. One of the action priorities remains the support of companies for their international development. OSEO never acts alone but positions itself as a partner of financial institutions: it supplements the action of the market by sharing the risk taken by the banks. Every year, tens of thousands of companies are supported by OSEO. The organization is present throughout the territory thanks to its 37 regional offices.

Official website:

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