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A reminder that Keanu Reeves is the kindest actor in Hollywood

Hollywood’s kindest actor, Keanu Reeves, is again making headlines for all the right reasons, after his revelations Speed co-star would love to make his 68th movie with him before they get too old.

speaking to Esquire magazine in a long-form feature and photo shoot for a profile on the 57-year-old Matrix and John Wick star, Sandra Bullock shared her take on the master, suggesting they could make their third movie together – “an old-people cocoon thing”.

Bullock, 57, was one of several female co-stars who shared candid and personal stories to Esquireabout why Reeves has become immortalized as the most generous, excellent, thoughtful and caring celebrity ever.

He’s simply breathtaking.

Reeves and Bullock worked together on the 1994 action thriller Speed – often described as “that Die Hard on a bus movie” – he as FBI agent Jack Traven, and Bullock, as young, gutsy Annie who saves all the passengers from death as she steers LA bus 2525 full of explosives to safety.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were never romantically involved, but they had crushes on each other, that’s for sure. Photo: AAP

Bullock, who starred again with Reeves in The Lake House (2006), spoke about their bond and the moment of generosity he displayed after hanging out together a year after Speed hit cinemas, both becoming the new kids on the Hollywood block, replacing the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Julia Roberts.

She told one story about offhandedly mentioning in a conversation with Reeves that she’d never had Champagne and truffles, only to have him show up at her door days later with… flowers, Champagne and truffles.

“I just thought you might want to try Champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like.”

She recalls how they sat on the couch, poured the Champagne, opened the truffles and then “Keanu put his hands out, without a word”, and Bullock painted his nails black, same as hers.

“That’s what I mean that it drives you crazy,” Bullock told the magazine.

“When I first met him, I would spend as much time as I could filling a silence, just to feel comfortable.

“And the more I jibber-jabbered on, the quieter he would get. And I thought, I don’t understand what’s happening! He’s looking at me with eyes of confusion. He’s quiet.

“Did I say something to offend him? And then a day or two later, he would arrive with a note or a little package, saying, ‘I thought about what you said’. And he would have his response from him.

“How many people do you know like that?”

Bullock and Reeves had chemistry in Speednot only after they got everyone off the bus and had a romantic moment.

When she was rescued by him on the runaway train wearing a vest full of explosives, that was another romantic moment.

Now, Bullock reckons they could do it all again.

“I would love nothing more than to do a comedy with Keanu before we die. Just laugh with him. He’s funny.

“We can be 75 – it’ll be even better then, like an old-people cocoon thing.

“We play two funny old people. A road trip. Just put us in an RV as old people. It’ll be the bookend of Speed. We’ll just be driving really slowly. Pi–ing the world off.

“There’s our movie.”

Keanu Reeves calls everyone breathtaking. Photo: Netflix

Keanu’s breathtaking moments

Reeves, who sat down with Esquire in Paris to promote The Matrix Resurrectionsthe fourth installation of movie franchise, and to film John Wick: Chapter 4has become legendary for his random acts of kindness.

There are dozens of moments we know about, and dozens more that are disguised, including his generous donations to children’s hospitals.

I have eleven snuck into a theater to watch john wick 3 in 2019, grabbing popcorn and M&M’s on the way in.

On the way out, he bought an ice cream, and kept the receipt to hand a signed autograph to a young staffer in the back room.

Also that year, while filming bill and ted, he stopped and spoke to fans who had left a sign out the front saying he was breathtaking.

“A few cars stopped but then a car stopped and there he was!! I have actually stopped! Oh my heavens!” wrote Stacey Hunt.

He trended on Twitter after fans began noticing he doesn’t touch women when he’s being photographed with them.

He was called a “respectful king”.

People magazine reported Reeves surprised his John Wick: Chapter 4 stunt team with Rolex watches – “Best wrap gift ever”.

In 2003, I have gifted 12 Matrix stuntmen a Harley-Davidson motorcycle each after grueling fight scenes that left them in ice baths.

HuffPost reported that after a San Francisco to Los Angeles flight he was on had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, he entertained fellow passengers with fun facts about Bakersfield and played Bakersfield Sound music for everyone in a van as he organized transport back for everyone to LA .

Reeves was then asked to name three films he’s made that best describes the humble star.

He unpacks it with Esquire: “Getting to know me, or getting to know my work? Because if you’re getting to know me … ” he says, considering this.

“I guess you could do it through my work.”

“You’re gonna give me three? OKAY. Threefilms. Man. Um.

“OK, let’s just start with The Matrix- and when I say The Matrixlet’s do the trilogy that’s one.

“Then let’s do The Devil’s Advocate [Reeves reportedly took a pay cut to get Al Pacino on board to play the Devil].

“And then let’s do… we need something action-y in there, so let’s do Point Break.”

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