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8 Netflix Shows Critics Hate But Fans Love, According To Reddit

Netflix has many popular shows, with hits like Ozarks and Bridgerton recently releasing the newest seasons. Despite some of the streaming service’s shows being a hit or miss, there are enough positively reviewed shows to keep viewers coming back.

However, critics and viewers don’t always agree on the quality of a show. There are some shows that critics hate but have a strong fanbase. From harshly criticized shows like insatiable to somewhat disliked sitcoms like Fullers Housethese shows may not be winning any awards, but fans seem to love them.


8 Hemlock Grove (2013)

This show, produced by horror master Eli Roth, resolves around strange residences and killer creatures in Hemlock Grove, a sleepy former steel mill town in Pennsylvania. Despite Roth’s involvement in this series, it was reviewed quite negatively, with only 38% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Redditor rattleshirt said, “I loved it. While it’s not got the best story around it grows on you, as do the characters.” The show certainly isn’t for everyone, but fans of the show love the campy feel and how it’s reminiscent of teen supernatural thrillers.

7 Insatiable (2018-2019)

This show follows Patty, a character who loses a lot of weight, as she enacts revenge on those that used to fat-shame her. The story is a comedy with quite a bit of dark undertones, but it certainly isn’t one of the best dark comedies on Netflix. In fact, it received a scathing 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, there are some fans who stand by the content and are devastated to see it canceled. Redditor funkynchunki said, “There are so many unoriginal shows out there it’s refreshing to watch this.” Die-hard fans of this show feel people missed the point and the offensiveness was exactly the point.

6 Disjointed (2017)

Kathy Bates stars in Netflix's Disjointed

This comedy follows Ruth (Kathy Bates) as her lifetime dream of legalizing marijuana leads her to become an owner of a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory) co-created this sitcom, but that didn’t stop the backlash of critics, with the show earning a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, some fans think the audience needs to overlook the laugh reels throughout the sitcom and see the potential the show has. Redditor u/HalpTheFan thought the sitcom was amazing, pointing out that the characters don’t “have to dance around the fact that advertising and cleanliness has ruined the modern sitcoms.”

5 The Ranch (2016)

This Netflix original has a strong fanbase despite being reviewed poorly. This sitcom, starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot, follows a man who moves back home to the family ranch after a failed football career, inevitably leading to a series of spits and disagreements with his father.

Redditor grubber26 said, “It’s easy to watch, realistic enough and covers the challenges a lot of small farmers (no matter what they grow or raise) face worldwide nowadays.” Many fans think that, despite the laugh reels and cheesy nature of sitcoms, this show has a unique focus and touches upon serious real-life issues.

4 Iron Fist (2017)

Iron Fist Worst MCU TV Show

Marvel’s Iron Fist, based on the original comic character, revolves around Danny Rand who resurfaces into the world to take back his family’s business after he was raised in secret by fierce warrior monks. Despite being reviewed poorly, it had a strong viewership and wasn’t canceled on Netflix until after the second season’s rating.

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Many critics found the rich, white man trying to be a savior to be an overused and problematic trope, but there are many fans who thought the content was endearing and entertaining. Redditor Interesting_Board_33 said, “He really is one of the most misunderstood characters,” expressing their appreciation for Danny’s character.

3 FullerHouse (2016-2020)

Original cast of Fuller House

Fullers Housea reboot of the popular sitcom full-house, follows two sisters as they end up back at their childhood home, along with a friend, as they experience big and small life moments. Though received poorly because of its predictability, there are a lot of heartwarming scenes in Fullers House and fans appreciate the way it captures the original sitcom.

Despite the show not giving fans exactly what they were looking for, many viewers appreciated the reminiscence of the original sitcom and enjoyed the happy endings. Redditor thatlebanesechick said, “I love full house and fuller house cause we see the girls grow and have kids of their own.”

two 13 Reasons Why (2017-2020)

Hannah looking scared leaning against the lockers in 13 Reasons Why

The main character finds a box on his porch with recordings of her outlining the thirteen reasons why she took her own life. Despite critics feeling the story is problematic, the show receives a 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, Reddit users think it captures the teen experience.

Redditor jjumpingnight said, “In my opinion the show has been pretty consistent in terms of quality, and every episode has left me wanting to know what happens next.” While the show is extremely certainly devastating and some scenes are hard to watch, there are committed fans who stand behind the content.

one Friends From College (2017-2019)

Friends From College follows six friends from college who are going into their forties, as they navigate the challenges of life, love, and friendship. Some fans enjoy the complex character and comedic storytelling, but critics have overwhelmingly disliked this show from the beginning, resulting in it getting canceled after two seasons.

One Redditor said, “I like this show. I don’t love all the characters but it’s interesting to see how these people interact. It’s a lot better than most television sitcoms.” Fans of this show believe that dislikable characters don’t necessarily lead to an uninteresting plot.

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