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8 good reasons to go to business school

8 good reasons to go to business school

Whether “great” or not, a well-chosen business school opens a lot of doors in terms of a career. If the most recognized seem inaccessible to you, there are still around 200 others in France to make your professional happiness! After the baccalaureate or after a “prepa”, on competition or on file: you will have to find out precisely about the courses offered and put them in parallel with your project.

Be that as it may, by directing you towards this type of study, you will have little chance of really going wrong. We have, for you, listed the 8 main motivations that drive students – or future students – in business school.

1. A quasi-guaranteed job!

Are you considering post-baccalaureate studies? A priori, it is in order to find, then, a job! A business school… and you will no doubt have knocked on the right door… especially if you manage to join one of the most prestigious: HEC, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, EM Lyon or EDHEC.

According to the results of the 2018 survey conducted by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles on the integration of young graduates into working life, 89.4% of managers who graduated from Grande Ecole found a job within 6 months.

Their reputation for adaptability (management, administration, finance, HR, marketing, international trade, etc.) makes business school students profiles sought after by recruiters as soon as they graduate!

2. Well-paid jobs

Business school graduates generally gain access to management jobs, which benefits their pay slip!

Still according to the results of the survey conducted by the CGE, a business school graduate will start with a minimum gross salary of €34,000 per year.

Rather attractive, when you know that, if you go into auditing or finance, you can even claim a starting salary of 35,000 or even 40,000 €!

3. Careful supervision… pampered students

A cocoon – family – swapped for another!

Because here, there is no anonymity: each student is considered in his own projects and supported in his steps. We help you very concretely in your internship or job searcheswe assist you in the preparation of your stays abroad, we pamper you in case of problems…

The means, compared to those of the universities, are substantial, and they truly serve the students who benefit from real study comfort.

4. Openness to all business areas

Organized around 2 years of generalist common core, followed by a year of specialization (for business schools in 3 years after preparation), the courses offered by business schools offer a wide range of career possibilities to students.

Certainly specialized in management, communication, human resources, logistics, etc., they are also recognized for their versatility.

Choosing a business school can also be a good introduction for the hesitant student, wishing, before propelling himself towards a specific profession, to test as many areas as possible…

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5. Quick knowledge of the business world

Business schools are ideal for getting to grips with working life very quickly: compulsory internships punctuate student life and company immersion is never long in coming, so that young graduates generally go out with a minimum of 12 months of professional experience!

Alongside the permanent professors, many practicing speakers also testify to their experience; real “case studies” are also regularly submitted to students.

And what about work-study business schools (linking periods of classes and periods in companies), possible in multiple schools? The tuition fees are then borne by the company, which also pays the student a small salary…

6. International at your fingertips

Who says business school, today says looking towards the world.

Impossible to escape it, and that’s good. These courses require students to live at least 3 months abroad during their studies (for the schools that are by far the least demanding!): they do an internship there or go on an exchange with a university, possibly with the objective ofobtain a double degree.

Applying to a company without significant experience abroad has become a real obstacle to hiring: an international profile is indeed a guarantee of open-mindedness. It testifies to a candidate’s ability to integrate into a multicultural environment… and guarantees some skills in terms of foreign languages!

We find this spirit of international openness on the campus itself: reception of foreigners (students and professors) on French campuses and teaching of various management disciplines from an intercultural perspective; courses taught in English, sometimes in German or Spanish.

7. Hectic community life and assured atmosphere

There are countless “assoss” of all kinds that are emerging in business schools: the traditional Student Office (BDE) is, of course, top of the bill. Responsible in particular for the organization of student evenings and other integration weekends, he is one of the pillars of school life.

At its side abound the “junior companies”, humanitarian associations, sports or artistic associations… If it is fashionable today to integrate one or the other of them (it could make the difference with an employer!), there is generally no need to force yourself a lot, as the choice is vast. Parties, sports and trips guaranteed.

After, most often, 2 years of intense preparatory work, that’s enough to perk up the spirits!

8. CV side prestige

Contrary to the Anglo-Saxons who clearly value professional experience, French employers continue to attach enormous importance to the training of candidates.

Your CV, adorned with a “Grande Ecole” reference, will be able to open perhaps unexpected doors for you.

As for the relations between “Elders” of the same school: they remain privileged, whatever happens: another card – and not the least – to play to boost your career!


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