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4 diet myths to bust

A dietitian takes inventory of some misconceptions about meals.

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Consuming nicely can seem to be a problem, particularly when confronted with the abundance of generally contradictory data that dictates what is sweet for us and what’s not. In actuality, maintaining a healthy diet will not be sophisticated if you end up nicely knowledgeable. That can assist you see issues extra clearly, Chatelaine met with dietitian and biochemist Maryam Naslafkih, a associate of Danone Canada, who needs to debunk some widespread meals myths.

Fable noh 1: Keep away from flavored yogurts.

Each plain yogurts and people of various flavors have their place in a nutritious diet. “Primarily, yogurt is a nutritious meals containing a number of vitamins that play a key function within the upkeep of well being, together with calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12zinc, potassium, phosphorus and selenium,” lists Maryam Naslafkih.

Flavored yogurts include a sugar naturally current in milk (lactose), identical to plain yogurts, in addition to added sugar in various quantities. “Some scientific research point out that individuals who devour yogurt – whether or not plain or flavored – have a decrease threat of gaining weight or having kind 2 diabetes,” she continues. So although most flavored yogurts include added sugar, their dietary worth will not be diminished. For folks watching their sugar consumption, consulting the Diet Info desk on completely different merchandise will assist them be taught and make an knowledgeable selection.

“There are extra gourmand yogurts and yogurts for each day, and every can occupy a spot in our weight loss plan, underlines the dietitian. Yogurt with increased fats and added sugar could make for a extra indulgent, creamy and satisfying dessert, whereas offering important vitamins. Yogurt with probiotics can assist preserve wholesome intestine flora. Greek yogurt has extra protein and can enable you to really feel fuller. Combining yogurt with different nutritious meals, reminiscent of rolled oats, nuts, seeds or fruit, may also enhance your nutrient consumption.

Maryam Naslafkih, dietitian and biochemist, makes a speciality of intuitive, various and guilt-free consuming.

Fable noh 2: Carbohydrates are dangerous.

Carbohydrates play a significant function in our weight loss plan. “It is necessary to incorporate meals that include them each day, since they’re the principle supply of vitality utilized by our physique,” explains Maryam Naslafkih.

Carbohydrates are naturally current in nutritious meals reminiscent of grains, fruits, greens, legumes and dairy merchandise. Entire-grain cereals are excessive in fiber and B nutritional vitamins, and sure forms of fiber could assist decrease blood ldl cholesterol and promote bowel regularity. Vegatables and fruits are filled with fibre, nutritional vitamins and minerals, whereas legumes are sources of each vegetable protein and fibre. Milk and yogurt include lactose, a naturally occurring carbohydrate, along with offering vitamins that contribute to bone well being, together with full proteins, calcium and vitamin D.

That stated, not all carb-containing meals are created equal. “Sure meals wealthy in carbohydrates reminiscent of muffins, pastries, candies and chocolate bars present few important vitamins and may subsequently be restricted in consumption, argues the dietitian. The emphasis needs to be on high quality reasonably than amount. »

Fable noh 3: Consuming snacks will not be wholesome.

“Every individual has their very own consuming habits that swimsuit their way of life and urge for food. It is necessary to take heed to your cues and eat once you’re hungry, says Maryam Naslafkih. Some folks desire to eat three massive meals and small snacks, whereas others really feel higher consuming a number of small meals. »

The necessary factor is to decide on nutritious snacks that may preserve you energized and functioning optimally between meals. She suggests combining proteins and carbohydrates: grapes and cheese, Greek yogurt and fruit, hummus with greens and crackers, and even popcorn and blended nuts.

Fable noh 4: Lactose illiberal folks ought to exclude dairy merchandise.

“Most individuals with lactose intolerance can devour a specific amount of lactose with out experiencing digestive issues,” says Maryam Naslafkih. Yogurt, for instance, is normally nicely tolerated by individuals who have issue digesting lactose, because of the energetic cultures that may enhance lactose digestion. Aged cheeses are additionally typically nicely tolerated since they include little or no lactose. There are additionally lactose-free dairy merchandise and plant-based options fortified with vitamins like calcium and vitamin D.

After we goal for a nutritious diet, we should always make extra room on our plate for greens, fruits, complete grains and vegetable proteins. One must also attempt to embrace calcium-containing meals, reminiscent of dairy merchandise and fortified plant-based drinks, with all meals and a few snacks. Dietitian Maryam Naslafkih agrees, “You may also select meals that include naturally occurring sugar and a small quantity of added sugar whereas maintaining a healthy diet, particularly in the case of nutritious meals like grain cereals. complete and yogurt. And in conclusion, Alison Duncan, professor on the College of Guelph and member of the Canadian Diet Society, provides: “Customers must also at all times search dependable sources of data on diet. »

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The Canadian Diet Society has collaborated on this text by performing fact-checking to make sure the content material is evidence-based. Maryam Naslafkih could be discovered on-line at or on Instagram at @maryamnas_nutrition.

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