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13 Best Chino Shorts for Men 2022


Since the 1800s (but what feels like time immemorial), Chinese have been a fundamental part of a man’s wardrobe. There are many occasions that call for standard pants (and it really doesn’t get any more standard than chinos). But in the summer months, when the heat and humidity are unbearable, anything that reaches your ankle just simply won’t do. Enter chino shorts.

Like its longer brother, chino shorts are made of a cotton twill—usually pure cotton, but sometimes blended with linen for enhanced breathability or tech fibers for extra stretch. They also come in every conceivable hue, khaki or something in the same color spectrum being the usual suspects. And the inseams differ, too: from 5 inches to 12, the decision on how much leg you want to show is completely up to you.

Basically, when the sun is high and the temperature higher, and decency requires you to change out of workout shorts, a great pair of chino shorts is exactly what you need. And we have a whole selection of them—all in varying styles, colors, and inseams—that’ll do right by you.

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Best Affordable Chino Short

Flat-Front Stretch Chino Shorts

  • Affordable price
  • Multiple color options
  • Doesn’t wash well according to some shoppers

You can always trust that Goodthreads will offer quality styles at sweet prices. These flat-front chino shorts from the in-house Amazon label, for instance, are cut to flatter all body types, but because they feature some added stretch, are extra comfortable for those with thicker legs.

Inseam: 7″

Colours: 27

Best Classic Chino Short

Vintage Chino Shorts

  • durable material
  • Great for bigger builds
  • Looks oversized on smaller builds

There was a point in the ’90s when Chinos became the big cheese of the fashion world. Everyone saw them, owned them, loved them. And leading the charge was the Gap—remember those “Jump, Jive, An’ Wail” commercials? Now, a couple decades later, the brand continues to offer the classic style, but in shorts form.

Inseam: 12″

Colours: 4

Best Slim-Fit Chino Short

Slim-Fit Chino Shorts

  • great construction
  • Easy to move in

If you’re a fan of just the right amount of cling, River Island has what you’re looking for. The brand’s chino pant is cut slim, so it’ll show that you take leg day very seriously. It also features a good amount of stretch, which means you won’t feel constricted in the least.

Inseam: 8″

Colours: one

Best Drawstring Chino Short

Easy Chino Shorts

  • elastic waistband
  • breathable material
  • Highly visible logo patch

Are you someone who values ​​comfort above all else? Have your grown accustomed to sweats and don’t want to turn back? Feast your eyes on these fellas. Wellen, a brand known to many who live the cowabunga life, has chino shorts with an elastic waistband and a drawstring. And to make them even more comfortable, the organic cotton is mixed with linen, allowing for great air circulation.

Inseam: From 7″ to 9.5″

Colours: 4

Best Everyday Chino Shorts

Stretch Chino Short

  • flattering cut
  • Comfortable fit
  • A little short for some frames

J.Crew’s chino shorts have staying power. They’re consistent best-sellers, and garner raves reviews every time they come back into rotation. This should come as no surprise, considering the style’s flattering cut, along with the material that’s equal parts durable, comfortable—and as its name clearly conveys—stretchy.

Inseam: 7″

Colours: 10

Most Relaxed Chino Shorts

Relaxed-Fit Chino Short

  • durable material
  • versatile

Just like Ralph Lauren’s polo shirts, the brand’s chino shorts are legendary and great for the summer months. They also come in a variety of cuts, colors, and lengths. But the one that has caught our eye is the this relaxed style, one with a broken-in look and 10″ inseam that makes you want to hang loose. Pair it with a hoodie or a Hawaiian shirt and chill. Or, if you want to spruce it up, grab one of the aforementioned poles.

Inseam: 10″

Colours: 5

Most Comfortable Chino Shorts

Stretch Washed Chino Short 2.0

  • Comfortable
  • Multiple color and inseam options
  • Cut larger than billed according to some shoppers

We’d be remiss to miss Bonobos on a list about shorts. It was just last year when we fully endorsed the brand’s 2.0 version of the Stretch Washed Chino, an update of a classic style that’s been in the lineup for ages. The short version takes all the updated goodness and renders it in summer-ready form. It is cut larger than the original according to some shoppers (buyer beware), but the comfort and stretch are still there. What’s more, there are a number of colors and inseam options to choose from.

Inseam: From 5″ to 9″

Colours: 19

Best Pleated Chino Shorts

Pleated Chino Shorts

  • Not flattering on all body types

Another pair of pants that received our official endorsement was one by Alex Mill. It was the brand’s fan-favorite pleated chinos, perfect for spring. For summer, however, the label keeps the cuffs and pleats, but loses (most of) the leg. Easy breezy.

Inseam: 7″

Colours: two

Most Durable Chino Shorts

Fort Chino Shorts

  • durable material
  • sustainably made

When it comes to styles that are heavy-duty, pieces that are constructed to last the long haul, Outerknown doesn’t disappoint. This sentiment certainly applies to the brand’s Fort chino shorts. They may appear standard, but the build is anything but. The fabric is a very tough organic cotton that’s garment-dyed, which means that it’ll only look better over the years. Note: the crotch hangs low and there’s no stretch, so make sure you get the one that’s true to your size.

Inseam: 9″

Colours: 4

Best Hiking Chino Shorts

Gadget Chino Short

  • Lightweight
  • durable material

Gramicci is a label that accrued a reputation for creating fun, comfortable apparel for mountain climbing since way back in the ’80s. Case in point: its Gadget chino short, a style constructed from pieces of patched cotton, cut to fit loose, and featuring a sturdy integrated belt (a brand signature). It just looks like it’ll do right by you on a long trek in the great outdoors. But what is not so obvious is that it is incredibly light and feels incredibly soft.

Inseam: 10″

Colours: one

Most Vacation-Ready Chino Shorts

Stuart Chino Shorts

  • If you don’t like the print, you’re out of luck

Scotch & Soda offers classic styles, often in slim silhouettes, with unexpected details. That’s essentially the brand’s MO. And living up to this reputation are these chino shorts. They’re only cut to give you a longer, leaner look, they also feature a pronounced vibrant print at the hem—ideal for your next tropical adventure.

Inseam: 7″

Colours: one

Coolest Chino Shorts

Raw Edge Chino Shorts

  • fashion-forward
  • Label with street cred
  • Limited color options
  • high price

Heron Preston’s hallmarks: construction gear-adjacent hardware, boundary-pushing silhouettes, utility fabrics, and use of bright orange details. All of this—along with a raw-cut fringed hem on a long, slim-fit silhouette—can be found in the brand’s chino shorts.

Inseam: 12″

Colours: one

Best High-Fashion Chino Shorts

Straight-Leg Belted Printed Cotton-Twill Shorts

  • Too distinctive for everyday wear
  • high price

A style that gives a whole new meaning to strawberry shortcakes. We expected nothing less from JW Anderson, a label that pushes the envelope, always taking a fun, artistic approach to fashion. Here’s evidence: this belted short-short with two berries on the front panels.

Inseam: 6″

Colour: one

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