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10 Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast

This seems to be something of a golden age for series and movies that explore the nature of time, reality, and the human condition, and the Amazon series Undone is one of those. Focusing on a woman who discovers she has the power to bend time, it features a skillful blending of multiple genres. Furthermore, despite its outlandish premise, through its evocative animation and the powerful voice performances of its cast, it manages to create a story that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. The voice cast of this series has already shown their tremendous talent in a number of other projects.

Rosa Salazar – Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Lisa in Brand New Cherry Flavor

Alma is the series’ main character, and with her ability to move through time, she is a formidable personality. She is voiced by Rosa Salazar, who has already shown considerable skill in her various other roles. Most recently, she appeared in the horror series Brand New Cherry Flavorwhich appeared on Netflix.


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Focusing on Salazar’s character, Lisa Nova, as she seeks revenge against a nefarious movie producer, it’s a series that has more than a little nostalgia about it, even as it is very much about the present.

Angelique Cabral – Life In Pieces (2015-2019)

Colleen and Matt looking serious on Life In Pieces

Though Alma is the center of Undone, she is surrounded by various other compelling side characters, including her sister, Becca, voiced by Angelique Cabral. Cabral has had a very busy career, but she is most notable for her recent appearance of Ella in the series Life in Pieces, a sitcom focusing on a fictional family, the Shorts, and its various offshoots as they deal with the various vicissitudes of life. Cabral plays the character of Colleen Brandon Ortega Short, who marries one of the members of the Short family.

Constance Marie – Switched At Birth (2011-2017)

Switched At Birth

In addition to her sister, Alma has to contend with her mother, who is one of those who is worried about the effects of the car crash. She is portrayed by Constance Marie. Though she has had a few movie appearances, Marie has mostly appeared in television roles, and she is especially well-known for starring in the series. Switched at Birth. As its title suggests, it focuses on two teens who were switched at birth. Marie plays the character of Regina, the biological mother of one character and legal mother of the other.

Daveed Diggs – Snowpiercer (2020-present)

Andre sitting on a sofa smiling

Undone features a wide variety of characters, one of whom is Alma’s boss, voiced by Daveed Diggs. Diggs is well-known for various appearances, including originating the role of Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson in hamiltonas well as for a recurring role in the hit sitcom black ish. However, he has really risen to prominence in the past several years for his role in the series. Snowpiercer – one of the best recent science fiction series – in which he plays the character of Andre Layton.

Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul (2015-present)

An image of Saul standing outside of a cab in Better Call Saul

One of the main stories in Undone involves Alma’s quest to discover what happened to her father, who is voiced by Bob Odenkirk. Though he rose to fame largely from his appearance in the hit series Breaking Bad- one of the best TV dramas of the 2010s – he has also crafted a further depth to the character in its spinoff, Better Call Saul. The latter series gives viewers a richer appreciation for Saul, as well as providing explanation for how he came to be involved with the cartel.

Sheila Vand – State Of Affairs (2014)

Maureen looking serious in State of Affairs

Farnaz is one of those killed in the crash and, in this series, she is played by Sheila Vand. Vand, like many of the other members of the cast, has had a very successful career in theater and on the screen.

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Among other screen appearances, she is noted for her appearance in the series State of Affairs, which focused on Katherine Heigl’s character, Charlie Tucker, a CIA Analyst. In that series, Vand played a fellow Analyst and Charlie’s best friend.

Holley Fain – Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present)

Shepherd and Canner standing next to each other in Grays Anatomy

As the series goes on, it is revealed that other members of Alma’s family have the ability to bend time, and one of these is her father’s mother, played by Holley Fain. Fain has been in a number of television shows during her career de ella (as well as several plays), but she is especially notable for a brief five-episode stint on Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’sof course, is not only one of the best medical dramas but also one of the longest-running dramas in the history of television.

Alma Martinez – The Bridge (2014-2015)

Graciela looking annoyed in The Bridge

Rosario de Alejandro is one of the series’ more fascinating characters, as she is a mystic who helps Alma and her mother. She is portrayed by Alma Martinez. Like many of the other members of the cast, Martinez has had a varied career on both the stage and on television.

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On television, she is notable for guest appearances in several series, including the highly-acclaimed crime drama bridgein which she portrays an intimidating smuggler.

Jeanne Tripplehorn – The Gilded Age (2022-present)

Throughout the first season, Jeanne Tripplehorn had a small role as Beth, the mother of Becca’s fiance. Triplehorn has had a prolific career since her first roles in Ella in the 1990s, and she continues to land choice supporting parts in the present. Recently, she appeared in a minor but still important part in the HBO series The Gilded Age (one of the best period dramas). In that series she plays Sylvia Chamberlain, a woman whose wealth has come to be no protection against the disapproval of the other members of New York high society.

John Corbett – Northern Exposure (1990-1995)

Northern Exposure CBS

John Corbett, like Tripplehorn, appears as one of the parents of Becca’s fiance. Corbett has been a very prolific actor throughout his career, appearing in numerous movies and television series. Arguably his most notable role, however, was in Northern Exposure, the very popular sitcom from the early 1990s. In that series, I have portrayed Chris Stevens, the surprisingly well-read and erudite disc jockey in the Alaskan town in which the series takes place.

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